Hidden beauty

haa mountains from chelelaYesterday, on my way back from Haa, I stopped at Chelela (altitude about 3,900 meters) to see the sun set over our western mountain ranges. These mountains above the Haa valley offer some of the best, yet least known, treks in our country. They include a trek to the legendary lake Nub Tshonapatra, which I hope to revisit and write about in 2010.

UPDATE: Lampenda Chuup’s comment reminds me of the beauty that can be seen in and from those mountains. So I’ve changed the title from “Hidden treks” to the more appropriate “Hidden beauty”.


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  1. Lampenda Chuup says

    Some of the finest views of Jomolhari, bJichu Drakey and Tsherimgang. And you will also see Kanchenjunga to the west, from Tshona Patra. Not to mention the Chinese road in Nathula. Many yak herders, by the way are giving up in these areas. They are selling off their yaks to the Layaps and Lingzhips, and moving more towards trade. The mountains are slowly getting empty.

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