Rhythm of the falling rain

It’s drizzling outside. I hope it rains. In fact I hope it snows. We need the precipitation.

Our rivers have dwindled. And can barely turn the hydropower turbines that generate electricity – and revenue – for our country.

But, more importantly, our farmers have not been able to cultivate their land. Without water, their land is parched and cannot be tilled; cannot be prepared to plant potatoes. If potatoes are not planted in time, the potato yield will be bad. And potatoes are the only source of money for many of our farmers.

So I’m thoroughly enjoying the soft, percussive sound of the rain on my roof. But I hope it stops, as the rain turns to snow.


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  1. Irrigation channels might be the permanent answer. Trapping available resources rather than depending on the unpredictable weather conditions. Nobody knows what the gods are planning up there. Let’s find our own solutions.

  2. Hannah Gurung says

    Lyonpo, when anyone talks about snow these days, I am reminded of how much amount I have lost betting with my friends on the much awaited snowfall in the capital.

    Since the day it rained till today, I betted with my colleagues several times. I said that it would snow and they said ‘no’! Till today, they have won and I have lost quite some amount. I actually wanted to do a story on the late snowfall this year but haven’t been able to get hold of the right person and the right department!

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