To Gasa

Dasho Damcho, MP from Gasa and my only colleague in opposition, and I go to Gasa today. We’ll travel up the Mochu to assess the damage along the river, especially at the hot springs. What we’ve heard is that the historic springs have been completely washed away.


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  1. A good time to visit Gasa. Please please please find a way to revive the hot spring TSACHU. We hear it is gone for good but we Bhutanese are still lucky, we may be able to find the outlet somewhere by the previous source. It is possible that the outlet of the hot spring also moved or got shifted as it normally happens during floods.

    But OL and Gasa MP – find something and be our HERO.

  2. OL Please don’t address MPs as ‘Dashos’ The Dasho title is sacred, has to go with red kabney and has to be bestowed upon by HM. If we start referring politicians as Dashos there will be 47 new Dashos every five years. The sanctitude of the title diminishes when people misuse the title.

    • Dear Jack: Damcho Dorji was made the Dzongkhag Drangpoen for Mongar in 2002. In 2003 he was transfered to Wandue as drangpoen, and in 2006 to Punakha as drangpoen. He then worked as Director, OLA and finally as Attorney General of Bhutan. All through this period, I knew him as and called him “Dasho Damcho”. Naturally, politics notwithstanding, I continue to informally refer to him as “Dasho Damcho”.

    • Dasho Damcho Dorji was Dasho, is & will alwz be called as Dasho because he deserves it…

    • Dasho Damcho Dorji was Dasho, is & will alwz be called as Dasho because he deserves it…
      & you two are doing great job together….we will always support u two..
      with best wishes….

  3. TheOtherJT says

    Its really disheartening to hear the news. I hope and pray that it would be revived to the past glory. I too support Romeo in wishing you in finding some way.

  4. Lampenda Chuup says

    Maybe we should look at this as another opportunity to get it right. The Tshachu deserves more attention than it received before. It is a national heritage. Now maybe we should think longer-term planning – 50-100 years instead of 5. It needs better river protection work all around, and proper management.

  5. Maybe the 3 Ministers at GASA few weeks could only think of stopping the project there for the takins and did not see anything beyond that.. Perhaps they kept the Tshachu risk for another visit.
    You should think of a better and a sustainable solution than the no good ministers.. prove them wrong.. best wishes from uss!!

  6. I found an interesting blog by a Pakistani MNA.
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    not just her beautiful pictures.. lol!!

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