Tomorrow, to Haa

Not a pretty sight

Not a pretty sight

Today was surprisingly sunny. We were told to expect more rain. But the weather, at least in Thimphu, couldn’t have been better. It was perfect. I’ve heard that the Dratshang has conducted kurim, prayers, though out our country. Perhaps it was their intervention that turned the weather suddenly around and prevented further damage.

But our country has already suffered serious damage from the yesterday’s storm and flash floods. BBS has reported nine deaths so far. These include two students in Thimphu, one of whom was only seven; six farmers who were harvesting cordyceps in Bumthang; and one DANTAK road worker in Chukha.

Reports of damages to our nation’s infrastructure – roads, bridges, schools and private houses – continues to come in from almost every dzongkhag. One report I received was from Passang Tshering, a teacher in Bajothang: he’d blogged about the flood in Wangduephodrang.

And I’ve received disturbing reports from Haa that some houses have been completely swept away, and that many others are still partially submerged in water. That several bridges have been washed away. That roads are blocked. And that schools, sawmills and a workshop have sustained damages.

So I’m going to Haa tomorrow, to personally assess the scope of damages caused by yesterday’s calamity. And to help.


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  1. Well, personally i think you are doing a great job. Your presence at Haa today will not only boost the people’s moral at this time, when they are going through bad time but i sure to be there and see yourself the extend of damage and suffering will itself give the first hand info and you can access and provide whatever little help you can, which will mean a lot to them.

    by the way, what the hell are other MPs doing for their people. I am suprise that they are still in Thimphu keeping safe and sound. Is it morally correct or where is their sense of responsibilty?

  2. When you say help…what does it mean. Help physically or monetarily. Do you have to use your own resources or is there a government OL fund that you can use. Just curious la.

    Anyway, good initiative.

    • Romeo:sorry no “government OL fund”. But help is help. Even if it means just “showing up” to express solidarity. In my case, it is that, and receiving instructions on what I, as an MP, am expected to do in Thimphu.

  3. I do appreciate your visit to Haa, but what I would like to see is your party’s proposal to mitigate the effects of natural disasters in the future. It would be a waste of government’s scares resources if our politicians visit all these places and nothing productive comes out of it. I, personally, would like to see new framework on the public procurements. Too many conflicts of interest exist in construction industry and there is no check and balance. If one look at the contracts, the government always take the maximum risk – hence the poor construction quality all over!

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