Weather dependent

Yes! It snowed in Haa. And the land is now moist. So our farmers are working their fields in earnest, preparing them to plant potatoes.

Before the recent snow and rain, our farmers could not plough their fields – the earth was too hard, and much of the dry top soil would have been lost in the wind anyway. If the dry weather had continued, our farmers would have virtually lost the potato season.

So our farmers are happy. But their concerns are not over. It’s threatening to snow again. And if it does snow, and snows heavily, potato planting could be further delayed. Or potatoes could, if already planted, simply freeze. Either way, our farmers would loose.

Now I’m worried that it may snow heavily.


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  1. Anonymous says

    I guess much of it is dependent upon the grace of “Kunchog Sum”. Of course people should have “Tha Damtshig” and bear the law of “Le Ju Dre” in their minds. We Buddhist will always have a remedy for every cause and effect. For instance, for a timely rain and snow we could always perform some rituals to appease our deities and they will take care of the weather conditions.
    On the other hand the blessings of our deities would diminish as our hearts/minds get contaminated by the desire/greed for oneself and forget the fellow beings. So my message here is, please practice generosity and always hope for the society and not just for oneself.

  2. Anonymous says

    you need a remote control to control the weather! You complain when there is no snow and complain again when there is snow. Nothing new – that is the way Bhutanese are and you are a true champion.

  3. Anonymous says

    LOOSE or LOSE??

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