Weathering poverty

Well it didn’t snow last night. And it didn’t rain enough. But it’s still overcast. And I’m hopeful.

Part of my excitement yesterday was because I was sure it would snow in my village, which, at about 2800 m, is higher than Thimphu. But it didn’t snow there either. The light drizzle was barely enough to “settle the dust” one uncle told me. He and his neighbours can’t begin to prepare their fields till enough water seeps into the parched earth.

Throughout our country, most of our farmers are completely dependent on rain water. This makes farming unpredictable and unproductive. And breeds unseen poverty in our villages.


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  1. What a shame, when our farmers produce what the rest of the world covets – natural and organic food!

    Have we forgot His Majesty’s Vision for the Nation? A nation of “strong dynamic economy” unique to the world? Here is what His Majesty said, at the 2007 Sherubtse Convocation:

    “… if we begin to work today on building a Bhutanese economy designed for Bhutan’s needs, then just as we succeeded in creating a development philosophy unique to Bhutan, a democratic transition unique to Bhutan, we will be able to build a Bhutanese economy unique to Bhutan. You all are fully aware that in the past we embraced modernization based on our own terms and conditions. Today if we work hard, if we plan ahead we will be able to build a Bhutanese economy for ourselves and for our children’s future, once again on our own terms and conditions.”

    Our economy’s strength and dynamism come from nurturing what is unique to Bhutan. That means, we must understand opportunities the world market offers, find those where we can excel, and combine the frontier of knowledge, information, and technology with our own tradition and age-old wisdom – resolutely and aggressively, in everything we do.

    I can just hear what the readers might be thinking – “but the government isn’t doing anything!”

    Well, well, well! It’s easy to criticize others, including “the government”. But, changes we want will never happen unless we act, ourselves. With a little capital, combined with a lot of wisdom and cooperative spirit, managing the uncertainty of rain will be nothing to our brave famers.

    Let’s stop looking to the government to do something on everything. Let’s ask, “What can I do to change?” instead. Let’s dream big, like His Majesty did. Let’s start small, but start acting. That’s how all dreams come to reality.

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