Yesterday, at Parizampa

Danger zone

Danger zone

I’ve been thinking about posting videos on this site for quite sometime now. And I’ve already had a few practice runs. Today, we start with the real deal: our first video shows the Wangchu flash flood at Parizampa. That’s where I spent most of the day yesterday, trying to remove the big log that was lodged in the old Bailey bridge there.


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  1. pingpong says

    Good Job La OL!!!! We appreciate your effort to help and access the damages caused by such natural calamities.
    God bless all!

  2. What do the following have in common?
    1. Removing a log from a river by Opposition MP
    2. Walking to office for a day or two to save environment (by MoA minister)
    3. Offering kidu to the limited few in the villages, etc. while in fact 25% of the whole population live under a dollar a day.

    Answer: They are all wonderful stunts and serve for good publicity. They are impractical solutution to prcatical problems. Such adhoc acts are high on appearance and low on substance. They are all oustide the boundary of long term solution to the problems. Finally, if we keep doing that we will only have phony leaders.

  3. I disagree!

    It has to start somewhere. If everyone thought and acted on their thoughts, it would then lead to collective efforts. Adhoc as they may be, something is being done, which is better than the rest of us who live in the comforts of our homes,which is a road to nowhere.

    I beleive these are initial steps in a ROAD to somewhere!

  4. What wai says

    wai wai,

    what were you doing during the flood? i guess watching your TV and making comments.
    If u hazve the *alls then please give me your name and address and we will talk about these issues.

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