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The talk of cartoons yesterday has got me thinking of my favorite caricature. It’s done by Rajesh. And, guess what? Rajesh is Wangchuk’s younger brother. Yes, that Wangchuck…the one we were talking about yesterday.

So what do you think of this rendition of your OL? I’d used it as my avatar some time ago. And posted it on an earlier entry (What’s in a name?) Anyway, Rajesh, who sports Bhutan’s best ponytail, sketched this drawing while he was relaxing at Benez, reading a book and enjoying a cold Carlsberg. Pretty good, mo?

By the way Rajesh is a freelance artist. He uses a range of media including charcoal, watercolour, acrylic and oil to perform his magic. Yes, his work is that good. I’ve seen some of them. And what is Rajesh’s favourite form? Conceptual art (read what Wikipedia says about conceptual art)

Rajesh was a founding member-volunteer of Voluntary Artist Studio Thimphu. And he continues to offer free lessons to VAST’s children-members.


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  1. I guess we should have something similar to the “common man” theme of one of the most celebrated cartoonists of all – Mr Laxman. His image for the day always provided a succinct interpretation of the issue of the day, and underscored its immediate relevance to the common folk.

    It’s really good that we have talented artists doing their best to “vividly” capture significant issues.

    Keep it up.

  2. pingpong says

    wow…..this one is surely LOL(Lyonpo Opposition Leader)…..hahahaha or LOL OL LOL

  3. Rajesh, God sure has gifted the talent for art and you are using them for good cause. Keep up the good work.

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