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Dorji Wangchuk – writer, director, producer, social worker, and owner of a Centennial Radio – has started blogging. His blogs will be good. After all, he has both insight and experience.

His insight comes from the wide range of activities that he readily engages in. And his experience comes from writing columns and op-eds. A good combination to make blogs interesting and useful.

Whatever Matters! – maintained by MJ and Bhutanese Blogger – is another site worth visiting. They specialize in business management and finance.

Then there’s Bhutan, 2008 and Beyond, maintained by Gelay, a photojournalist, and Bhutan 360, a tourism portal.

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(Dorji’s photo is from his website)


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  1. I started blogging in 2004 when i was in RIM. By the beginning of 2008, i had four blogs where i use to post poetry, stories, photographs and some artwork by my sister. Now i use only one since i deleated my other blogs.
    ITs nice that many Bhutanese are starting to blog.

  2. Thank you for mentioning me la.

  3. Bhutanese Blogging – why not. Good going Bhutanese folks. This is indeed one way to be active by not imposing too much. It is healthy by all counts since we can blog anonymously like me who is but a very Shy person to be in public BUT I am a BOLD blogger. Love it.

    I never knew Dorji Wangchuk was a social worker. How does a person qualify to be a social worker. Just curious…..It would be nice to list out more social workers of Bhutan. Are there any – though-besides their Royal Majesties.

  4. Tshering Tobgay says

    i searched and found tchoden’s treasure chest. you’ll find it at


  5. I love blogging too.

  6. Bhutanese Blogger says

    Pleased to be mentioned in your article.


  7. Dorji Wangchuk says

    It is quite an undeserving introduction, but Thank you Lyonpo La.

    I have started blogging because BT does not publish the Opinion on-line and many of my friends abroad keep asking me.

    Besides, I think it is very important for people to speak their mind. Only then, our decision makers will understand us better and shape the public policies benefitting the country.

    I hope more people would blog….

  8. I like Mr. Dorji’s weblog just as much as I like yours. There’s two more that I visit and find equally interesting. If you have time please visit and Tough the former stresses more on serious or political issues the latter is a light-hearted must visit website which will simply make your day. Be kind enough to visit there and contribute some interesting articles as I am sure you will have lots of interesting stuffs to share la.

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