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Run Rinzin Run

Run Rinzin Run

Every year, countless professional and amateur runners from all over the world dream of taking part in the New York City Marathon. However, only 37,000 runners are selected to run in New York’s world famous marathon. Rinzin Rinzin, who hails from Pam in Trashigang, is one of them.

Rinzin ran at school. And participated at school-level marathons. But he never won any prizes. He kept running though, and as a guide at Amankora, he sometimes accompanied his guests for short runs.

One of them, Mr Ynaar, and he quickly became running buddies. They jogged together almost every morning and every evening, and the end of his second visit to Bhutan, he unexpectedly announced that Rinzin would quality for the NYC Marathon. And that he would sponsor him.

Rinzin is already in New York, training for the big day. He has a coach. And he cycles, swims and jogs everyday in preparation for the marathon.

On November 1 this year, Rinzin Rinzin, registration number 350397, will become the first Bhutanese to officially run the world famous 42.195 kilometer New York City Marathon.

He’s already decided that he won’t win any prizes. But that participating is what’s important. And that he will try his very best. He looks forward “…to carry my country’s beautiful flag in the USA” and dedicates his run to the coronation of His Majesty the Fifth Druk Gyalpo, the introduction of democracy and the tsa-wa-sum.


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  1. Kuzuzangpo Your Excellency!

    Where and who can I get more information on Rinzin from la? This is fantastic:) Wish him plenty of luck and stamina!

  2. Linda Wangmo says

    Once more Lyonpo OL… Don’t get spoilt by the automatic spell checker……would quality for the NYC Marathon. And that he would sponsor him. I guess it should be Qualify

  3. What a piece of good news after all these poisonous attacks, allegations and cynicism.

    At least one man running towards a dream.

  4. Let’s all drop our hatchets for a moment and drop a line to Rinzin in NY. He is representing our country even if he is not going to win anything.

  5. Wang Dungyel says

    Bhutanese equally have talents comparable to international level but nobody know how to detect and in the process it is left unknown. It carries a big meaning even carrying our national flag in any international event. If not of the kind gesture of Mr Yanner his talent is not known. Thank you very much Mr. Yanner for not only finding our friend Rinzin Rinzin capable but sponsoring him in the event. Good luck and have nice lifetime event.

  6. This is very encouraging!!!!

    Please don’t keep saying that he will not win a prize. How the hell do you know? He just might!!! But just qualifying to participate in the event is achievement enough!

    Let us all WISH HIM LUCK.

    And THANK YOU Mr. Yanner – you certainly put Bhutan on the map of professional Marathon.

  7. All the best, Rinzin. You can do it!

    • Hi Lopen Dorji,

      Good wish… but, what you mean, you can do it???? He is Bhutanese sample… yeah man

  8. Karma S. Phuntsho says

    I like the caption under the photo. Perhaps those words conveys strong message from every single compatriot from this wonderful country that will motivate him to give his best shot.

    We all (at least I and my family) are proud that he found his way to participate as the first ever Bhutanese in this prestigious marathon run.

    We wish Mr. Rinzin all the best of luck!

  9. Go Rinzin!!!
    All the best. A bountiful lucks befall on you, and may Kuen Chog Sum guide and bless you!!

  10. Boy – Rinzin’s got the legs and that will certainly carry him through. I have a good feeling about this event for him. NYC is at low altitude compared to Bhutan and he will fly to victory. Good luck Rinzin.

  11. Dear ol,
    Thank you for putting this to our notice. Wish the papers had put himin the front page.

    For me rinzin is all ready a winner. Wish you all the best.

  12. Jabab Phub Dorji says

    Hi Rinzin
    Congragulation….. in advance!!!
    I am sure you will win…. ifnot also i could say that you are winner coz you are the first person to run for bhutan in the new york city……
    All the best wishes for you…. do take care.


  13. Imagine the word’s best runners are taking part in the New York City Marathon 2009. Winning is not what I’m looking into but just by participating itself makes the biggest mark for Bhutan. Boldest move ever if I to be precise. Also, I’d consider myself a lucky one to be witnessing the run.

    I wish him the best.

  14. Imagine the word’s best runners are taking part in the New York City Marathon 2009. Winning is not what I’m looking into but just by participating itself makes the biggest mark for Bhutan. Boldest move ever if I to be precise. Also, I’d consider myself a lucky one to be witnessing the run.

    I wish him the best.

  15. Ugyen Tshering says

    hi buddy!
    This would be your life earning and I appreciated that you been selected for the new York marathon. You will run for gross national happiness! I wish you all the best of luck for your up comming event!
    Mr. Rinzin, ” hit the road all the way to paradise”!!!

  16. Wang Dungyel says

    Mr Rinzin,
    Since you are dedicating your run to the coronation of His Majesty the Fifth Druk Gyalpo, the introduction of democracy and the tsa-wa-sum, I request if you could portray our Fourth King’s philosophy “Gross National Happiness is more important than gross National Product-Jigme Singye Wangchuck, Fourth King of Bhutan” in your jersey shirt. It will be a sure hit to give relief to the recession hard hit USA people from Bhutan. All the best.

  17. Phuntsok R says

    “Run Forest Run …”

    Wang Dungyel’s idea is excellent …
    Plant a seed of Bhutanese consciousness in the long and wide streets of USA

    “Run Forest Run …”

  18. Hi Darling,
    Its very surprised and amazing news for me.Congratulation….For me you are already winner.All my heartiest prayers and good wishes are for you.
    i love you and take care.

  19. Hi daddy,
    very very big congratulation.Good luck and have a wonderful life time event.

  20. Firstly, I am humbly thanks HE OL for sharing information.

    Secondly, Mr. Rinzin… I could say… wow… fabulous achievement and no wonder of winning and losing.

  21. Honey, you are my HERO…you are right, prizes is not important, participating is important…my aspiration with my prayers always with you…ALL THE BEST, GOOD LUCK.
    Miss you a lot. I love you.

  22. Honorable OL, please get the facts right before posting on your blog. Do you really know this guy well? Do you think he is really up for marathon? Most Bhutanese in NY city have different views about this guy. Mr. Rinzin is one crooked guy who goes on blowing his own trumpet in the streets of Manhattan. No one knows what he is doing here exactly. The only thing people know is he works only on weekends and rest of the time he is busy publicising his crap youtube videos. The untold truth is he is neither here to run NY marathon nor is he preparing for it. As much as he likes to act and show off, everyone knows that he is solely here for a green bag.

    • Mr. Leki Dorji,

      Many thanks for your comment on Mr. Rinzin.
      wow…. as soon as i read… the big question came to my mind is
      R you Bhutanese?????
      r u buddhist?????
      Your comment is most wel-come but before you write some thing YOU should think men.
      R u jealous of him. Did he come to ur place for asking help?????
      wow….. interesting men. Something is laking on you, honestly. You better be careful. is read by world people.
      As soon as i got information about Rinzin, i was happy.
      some how i manage to get Tel no. of NYRR in NY. I called up, it was very true that Mr. RINZIN RINZIN (350397) from BHUTAN WILL TAKE PART IN NOV.1ST WORLD CLASS MARATHON THIS YEAR. Even Ambassador, Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Bhutan to the United Nations is aware of it.

      please contract
      Tel. No. 2124232249 NY. NYRR marathon office.

      9 east 89th St
      New York,NY 10128

      • Hello John,

        This juncture you do great!

        Hello Lekey Dorji, you bull shed you…..

        Rinzin… you are great

    • hi leki dorji
      why r u so against to Mr. Rinzin, every body knows that he is doing good for his country.

      i think its important for you to go and see neurology Dr.
      and get check up throughly.

      take care man

    • leki, i don’t care who u are.

      YOU R INSULTING NOT ONLY TO Mr. Rinzin but disrespect you mother land BHUTAN.
      Mr. Rinzin Rinzin, he is representing your country NOT USA. where as you big nose trying to pull him down. This is civilize world, wake up YOU ARE STILL IN OLD STONE AGE.
      World knows about Mr. Rinzin Rinzin, (350397) NYRR, ING NYC.
      Ask yourself, WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO YOUR NATION????????
      you FOOL!


    • Mihai Bologa n Roxana says

      Hey guy,
      Do you really know us??? This ganna be serious issue. Who the hell are you???
      If you don’t know me i am Dr. Mihai, i sponsor Mr. Rinzin Rinzin, here for marathon.
      This is non of your business. you better update your news guy.
      Before you write something or say something you better investigate.
      its very simple CALL TO NYRR OFFICE, Its open 9hours.
      You really piss me off. STUPID.
      You can’t be Bhutanese.
      Be careful.

    • Unknown reporter. says

      hey men you r not LEKI DORJI,
      i know you very well. i don’t want to give your introduction. i m not fool like you.
      you r in new york for study or making dollar. you r simply wasting our Govt. resources. i know you makes hell lot of money by doing BLACK i have to mention. you r solely here for a green bag. what a joke. i have seen you blowing your own trumpet in the street of America.
      do i have to inform to Bhutan Govt. do i report to America Govt.
      i always see you hanging around like street dog in Queens, Manhattan n Jackson Height.

      Mr. Rinzin, i have never meet you.i will one day. i only knew after i read Bhutan Observer. i m proud of you. we bhutanese community here in New York will support you, don’t worry.
      one on my friends informed me to visit
      as soon as i go thro’ i am happy to see our Bhutanese runner in action.n lots n lots of comment n good wishes.

      HONORABLE O. Leader,
      on behave of all Bhutanese Community NY, i would like to Thanks for putting Mr. Rinzin Rinzin news on blog. u should advice to other media to publish it.

      let me clarify, non of the Bhutanese here in NY r with that guys(leki). in his comment he have mention that he have asked all bhutanese in NY about Rinzin. Nobody is agree with him.
      better watch out (Leki). whom did you asked?????? you cann’t fool us. you being educated you should show us example. U R JEALOUS.
      the way u wrote this comment, clearly understood that you r non other then FOOL. you r useless. never n ever show us your face.


  23. Mr. leki dorji,may i know what exactly you are doing there?arent you there for a green bag!its really funny critising a person who is running world class-marathon out of his own talent.
    East or west,rinzin rinzin rinzin is the best.hit the target,you can really do it.all the very very best of luck.

  24. MARTHA K. WIVELL says

    Hi My BHUTAN,

    I do visit Bhutan on vacation. The last visit was during coronation of 5th King of Bhutan. I have plan to visit Bhutan March 2010.

    I am also regular reader of Bhutan news paper Kuensel, Bhutan Observer and Bhutan Times, but its surprise that NO news about Mr. Rinzin Bhutan, except in Bhutan Observer and you Mr. Tshering Tobgay. You have done very good job, very BIG complement from me and my family.
    HE IS HERO. Even if he don’t make it HE WILL BE HERO FOR EVER.
    If this happen in country this news will be in front pages.

    I know very well about NYRR, Marathon www. ING
    This event is only once in a year. World TOP runners take part in this event.
    Some ATHLETE even take 3 to 4 years to get register.
    Its good that Mr. Rinzin Rinzin Qualify for this event. i am please . its really amazing that even Bhutan, such a small country have a talents runner like Mr. Rinzin.
    In beginning i didn’t believe. I called to ING NYC office. i was so HAPPY that it is TRUE. My tear drop down with happiness, i couldn’t stop.
    This Nov.1st i will go and witness this very big event with my family.


    Mr. Rinzin, me n my family are always there for you.


    Attorney at Law.

  25. Aloysia Ghio says

    many thanks for Mr. Tshering Tobgay for bringing Mr. Rinzin news in your page, this should be in Bhutan News paper HEADLINE.


    I have friend in New York in NYRR office Mrs Tressa, she informed me that there is Athlete from Bhutan called Rinzin Rinzin who will be taking part in NYRR, marathon this year.
    what a news. its really interesting . i am proud of Mr. Rinzin. i even called to my friends across the world to share this news.

    GOD BLESS YOU Mr. Rinzin Rinzin, ALL THE BEST.
    I AND MY FAMILY WILL COME TO SEE YOU, may be nov. this year.

  26. Pelmo, Pelchen,Chador n Trashi... says

    we Bhutanese New Yorker r proud of u Mr. Rinzin Rinzin,
    for us u r already a winner, u made us proudBHUTANESE. we will stand with you. Don’t worry.

    LET THE DOG BARK…. (shame on u Leki Dorji Howri)

    we can’t wait for that big day.(Nov. !st, 2009)
    we r very happy.

    we r always with you,
    Run for the country, Run Rinzin Run.

  27. Sas,Nams,deks,Lhas,Dors n Pels NY,USA. says


    THANKS Mr. YNaar for sponsoring Mr. Rinzin Rinzin for this event.






  29. Mr. Tshering Tobgay,

    Excellent work. Keep it up.

    Best wishes to Mr. Rinzin Bhutan.

  30. tok tok(New York) says

    Your Excellency,

    I really feel sorry to all the Bhutanese peoples living here in New york after hearing this News and guess what i cant even think people like Mr. rinzin is taking part in world class marathon here in New York city. No way.. how can all the Bhutanese people believe in this News and i don’t know how did B.O posted this News, believe it or not i also live here in New York city and as per my best knowledge Mr. rinzin he is trying fool the Bhutanese peoples and he is doing this for his own publicity. and i don’t know what Bhutan olympic committee and running federation of Bhutan doing no thing regarding this. How come people like Rinzin can do this world level marathon why cant Bhutan olympic committee didn’t nominate the best run from Bhutan… This is really a shocking this is really a shocking news to me.. I’m shocked

    • hey you fool man,
      who are you to fool you know that you can fool part of people part of time,but you can’t fool all the people all the time.
      Why are you so agaist mr.Rinzin?
      Are you citizen of bhutan?
      Dont you feel shy and mercy to critised your motherland(shangri-la)where as i feel so sorry to read your meaningless comment.
      better update yourself,you ruskle.
      honorable rinzin,
      whatever you do,wherever you go
      whatever comes on the way,whoever says what,i am always there to support you.all the best of luck and we bhutanese are waiting for that very big day”1st nov,2009″run rinzin run,you can do it!!!!!!!!!

      None of your business to put your dirty nose in ohters bussiness.what a shame!!!!

    • Mihai Bologa, says

      Mr. Tok or who ever it is,

      I am sorry to hear all this nonsense. Please stop this…
      This is my SOLELY MY interest to invite Mr. Rinzin for this event. There is no reason to interfere.
      Seems you people are crazy poking your nose to other.

      Please don’t disturb us.


  31. Mihai Bologa, says

    Mr. Tshering Tobgay,
    Would you please remove this. Please i am requesting you.
    i can’t tolerate.

    I thought all Bhutanese are nice people but turn out different. You guys are full of envy. I am very sad.

    Whether he win or loose this is non of your business. I am the one who sponsor.

    • To Mr. Ynaar and Mihai Bologa, you are an insult to Bhutan. When you are able to sponsor a guy who is not even good enough to cover your own backyard, you should use your head (not your heart) that he is not at all fit to run the world-class marathon. What was your selection criteria that made think he can compete in the world-class marathon? Did you consult the sports governing body in Bhutan such as BOC? Did you avail permission or certification from BOC?

      All the best Mr. Rinzin!

  32. Whether or not this deserves to be a part of the headline news, I certainly have my reservations on this subject. I have been following both sides of this story with great caution before I could pass my judgement.

    1. This is a pure irresponsible journalism. You cannot just write for the sake of writing, pass through the spell check, and then just publish the next day. There should be a reality check. The person who covered this story did not have a clue why this is a news at all. The management of the BO cannot let every tom, dick, and harry to write nonsense and loose your crediblity. Remember your sustainability is dependent on your credibility. How is it possible for this person represent Bhutan in the first place? Eshori Gurung, show us you got more never endings in your brain than in your guts! Mr. Rinzin on his part cannot claim that he is here to represent Bhutan because neither he is a marathon champion in Bhutan nor is he sent by the Bhutanse Olympic Committee (BOC). I know every year there is Thimphu Open Marathon. Why can’t BOC send those true champions to represent Bhutan instead?

    2. This has set a bad precedence for the future of sports in Bhutan. There are so many young Bhutanese working-hard and aspiring to become world-class athletes trained by a professional coach. It is not worth sweating if BOC nominates athletes together with an un-certified coach to represent Bhutan based on personal relations. And what BOC fails to understand is sending third-class athletes based on personal relations is a disgrace for the whole nation.

    3. Finally, to Mr. Ynaar, you are an insult to Bhutan. When you are able to sponsor a guy who is not even good enough to cover your own backyard, you should use your head (not your heart) that he is not at all fit to run the world-class marathon. What was your selection criteria that made think he can compete in the world-class marathon? Did you consult the sports governing body in Bhutan such as BOC? Did you avail permission or certification from BOC?

    4. All the best to Mr. Rinzin!


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