Carving slate

slate-dragone-2-21This week’s photo panel features a slate carving by Thinley Dorji. The artist, an instructor at the National Institute for Zorig Chusum, composed the two dragons facing the wheel of dharma to commemorate 100 years of our monarchy. Look at the dragon on the right and see if can decipher the message “Bhutan 100”.

Thinley Dorji joined the NIZC in 2000 after completing Class X from Ugen Dorji HS in Haa. He was one of the two students who chose to study slate carving in the institute’s new programme under Agay Khandu, who was, at that time, Bhutan’s last and only slate carver.

Thinley has mastered the art of slate carving through four years of training followed by three years in the institute’s production centre. Today, as instructor, he carries on the work of his teacher, Agay Khandu, who died two years ago.

The first person who can correctly tell me how the featured photo says “Bhutan 100” will win a prize, a slate carving by Thinley Dorji.


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  1. Phuntsho says

    1. Dragon = Druk = Bhutan

    2. Shape of the dragon’s neck resembles number one (1) in Dzongkha = 1

    3. The two coils (rounds=0s) in the middle and end of the dragon’s body resemble zeros (2 zeros)= 00

    4. =”Bhutan 100″

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