Changemaker Chencho

Ashoka Changemakers have announced their winners – the three most innovative solutions that radically rethink mental health to achieve individual and community well being. And Dr Chencho Dorji’s project, Promoting Mental Health in Traditional Bhutanese Society, is among them.

Dr Chencho’s project has won. Dr Chencho is an Ashoka Changemaker! Well done!


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  1. Grear doc!

    Happy to have voted for you.

  2. Letho Drukpa says


  3. Congratulations!

  4. well done doc!!! Great job!!!!

  5. “Congratulations. Good job. Well done”

    That’s it. That’s what the doctors in Bhutan get all the time–for all the hard work in their high schools to become the creams of this country, for all the hard work in their medical schools to become a well trained qualified doctor, and then for all the sacrifices they have to make and for all the stress they have to undergo in treating thousands of various kinds of sickness of our people. In the end, just some empty appreciations. Nothing more. This is pathetic and this is a real concern for our country.

  6. Chencho Dorji says

    Thank you all for your support. Indeed, this is an encouragement for all the health workers in Bhutan to work harder to alleviate the pain and sufferring of all the patients we attend to.

  7. dorji thongja says

    Congratulations Dr. Chencho. Such small things make us proud. Happy to have voted for it.

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