Gifted Kunzang


Destiny's child

Here’s a gift from Talo, Punakha: Kunzang Lhaden, aged 12, singing a soulful rendition of “Mitse Dina”, a soundtrack by Namgay Jigs from the movie “Jigthar”. Kunzang learnt this song, and others, by listening to BBS Radio.



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  1. this is indeed a great voice.she will put the lieks of dechen pems and lhamo dukps to shame.
    it is clearly copied melody..but im sure she can have original voice under some guidance or as she grows up to know herself better as singer.tashi delek for the discovery.i wont be surprised if some music producers are already hiring her

  2. lovely voice…..she’s gonna rock some day…!

  3. Sharp shooter says

    There you go…Talent hunt. She’s got a ticket to the singing stage….I think she’s gonna fly away. She is a destiny’s child.

    • Sharp shooter: well said. And I’m changed the caption on Kunzang’s photo to “destiny’s child”. I hope it’s okay with you.

      • Sharp shooter says

        Fine la “Destiny’s Child ” is indeed very appropriate. It’s not copy righted – so it is surely ok la. We would like to follow her success & where abouts. Hope Lyonpo will provide some guidance to her parents to capitalize on this unusual skill possessed by her.

        Good luck to the – Destiny’s child.

  4. WOW!! this is simply awesome.
    I am already a fan of this little girl..
    This is really really nice..
    thanks for sharing the video.

  5. She sure has the notes under control and could carry a tune very well! Bravo!

  6. Except for the lyrics, there is nothing ‘Bhutanese’ in this song. She has a beautiful voice, but it would have been much better if she sang a song which was more Bhutanese. I would love to hear her sing a zhungdra. I have always been worried that our Bhutanese genre, “Rigsar”, is becoming more and more influenced by nepali, hindhi and english songs. Our artists needs some kinda creativity boost. Dont know how its gonna happen… šŸ™

  7. It is really charming. I Think some one should support her and promote dzongkha songs which is fast fading amongst youths. He voice has a peculair taste and i have never heard of such a voice it really touched my Heart. Destiny’s Child aptly suits her innocence and beauty.

  8. Thank you posting this. Really touch my heard. I wish some one can do something or record her album. That will be her luck and destiny. May every thing be auspicious.

  9. wo!!!!! she has a fabulouse voice..hope lyonpo could help her to bring so wonderful in this fabulouse contry with all the place with her voice…i will be looking forward to hear her vocie like a birds fly all over the place///

    good luck n very much thaks for lyonpo for coming n find the talented people.n will be looking forward for ur support to the people..

  10. God is great, thanks you lyonpo for that caputure voice which will make all bhutanese love to hear her album one day all over Bhutan.kipt it up my little checha…….?

  11. great voice,love it and sure u re going to one day

  12. great,love it and sure u r going to rock it

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