Several people have suggested that I invite writers to contribute articles for this site. I’ve debated this suggestion. On the one hand, featuring guests could risk inadvertently transforming a unique web log into a common social site. But on the other hand, guests would bring a wealth of new ideas and perspectives to “life and politics in democratic Bhutan”. And they would most probably contribute articles that make much better reading than what I offer.

So, I’ve decided to welcome guest writers. I will not invite any one in particular. But, I will welcome every one of you who are willing to share your hopes and dreams, and your fears and concerns with our readers. If you would like to feature your ideas and opinions here, please email them to

We begin today. Our first guest is Tashi P. Wangdi, the proprietor and CEO of K4 Media. Please click the “Guest” tab or go here to welcome Tosh.

UPDATE: Tosh called me today to point out a mistake. Apparently, their company, K4 Media, does not have a CEO. In fact, they do not have any positions or titles that are hierarchical. All their workers are considered equal and function in teams. Tosh, himself a member in the Creations Division, claims that “K4 Media is an experiment in corporate utopia.”

I stand corrected … very gladly.


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  1. The writer writes well & thats why I can’t understand anything. It’s over my head. But I wonder why the writer has to keep writing “Damn” & “Goddamned” etc. These words don’t fare well in Bhutan. It’s absollutely not cool and encouraging for those of us wanting to learn writing from senior writers.

  2. I too tried my damnedest to understand what was written but couldn’t so I gave up. It is a jumble of thoughts; disorganized and arranged haphazardly, like the thought process of a man whose mind may be in a severe turmoil. The lingo is good but still fails to translate his thoughts into any apprehensible meaning. The Pen touches on a variety of subjects but fails to say anything substantive on any one specific topic. So I have gained nothing from that article.

  3. Here we are, Tosh, You and I alike, wondering what this new found democracy will bring to Bhutan. Or did democracy find Bhutan? I don’t know. They say democracy was there since the 5th century. Nobody lives to tell. It’s said though, it was more imminent in the 17th century. But you and I both know, it was not invented in the spirit as we speak.
    If tea parties are ‘meetings’, if toes can breath more in ‘tshoglhams’ than shoes, If every Passang, Lamsang and Lobxangs are Ashangs, why take the toil at all?
    Oh Mighty pen, if swords lay at your webbing,what of them?
    The ignorant peasants, who would rather sniff the wind for rain,
    And call on sun upon the deity of ancient summon?

  4. Phuntsok Rabten says

    As the divine madman Drukpa Kinley said – “My big dick will not penetrate a small vagina” Hence, it would take bigger mind openings to “get” this rather simplistic article really … Go back to the school to un-learn stuff, ppl.

    • Sorry Phuntsok – too late to go back to school now. M old and haggard. So we request writers not to jumble up everything like a “Totshay for breakfast”. If hte audience is Bhutanese through this blog – then be sensitive enough to make it legible for everyone’s good or stay away from common platform. Uniqueness is good but it is weird too……….

      • Phuntsok Rabten says

        Just read history of Literary movement in the world … Allen Ginsberg’s Howl or the divine madman’s lifestory, to name a few. Just coz you cannot catch the drift, do not bark at the moon. It is aeons ahead and above you. One day, maybe we will chat among the stars. Till then, bon voyage and adieus.

      • Phuntshok la,
        Wai wai your phrases are too flowery. I wish you would speak straight. The moon is too far fetched. Only super powers like American can get there. Barking won’t make any difference. It is a waste mena la and I won’t bother barking. All I am asking is – Be relevant in teh sense that any writings here should be in tune with the understanding of the Bhutanese readership as Inthink it is a blog for the Bhutanese. It is not for the stars & mooons. You may be sophisticated but belong to the outer sphere and have to make extreme effort to come to terms with inner sphere where we bolong in Bhutan.

      • Phuntsok Rabten says

        Okay okay la. There are many types in society, even weird ones like me who enjoy weird pieces. Imagine how much poorer our heritage would be without the occassional weird radicals like the Milarepas and Drukpa Kuenleys. So come on, as the anonymous black man said during the civil rights movement – “Why can’t we just get along, people?”

  5. Dear OL,
    This seems to me a great idea. I think more people read your blog than they read Kuensel(just a guess). Looking forward to seeing our ideas and concerns appear in your blog.

  6. Wang Dungyel says

    Your Excellency the OL,
    Your dynamic site is giving us immense opportunity to express our opinion on the issue raised by your Excellency. I feel privilege to write in such a high profile web blog which is automatically registered without censure. Thanks for creating such forum and I am enjoying using it. Surely I will take part as the Guest writter.

  7. Its a Good-Idea to say the least. Variety…Life. And really, its the ‘so-called-differences’ that make us who we are and life as it is…
    So let’s pen in whatever we can! Cheers!

  8. Glad to see your blog becoming democratic. Loved Tosh’s ink! Cheers~

  9. Linda Wangmo says

    Dear OL

    A small clarification from my side. How well do you know Dzongkha, our natioanal language? …… Should it not be National instead of natioanal ….. sorry no offense please.


  10. Wow that was a great read, Tosh should be starting blogging himself, would love to read more of his writing.

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