Active Nopkin

Active Nopkin

Is this site too serious? Do I complain too much? Does my writing lack style? Am I boring?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you should visit There you’ll find a good supply of exciting stories and funny jokes, all contributed by members who write and live by the Nopkin maxim: “make somebody’s day!”

Nopkin is the brainchild of Sangay Tenzin. When Sangay joined work, in 2005, he realized that it was difficult to stay in touch with his friends. So he decided to do something about it. He painstakingly developed a website that was a cross between a blog and a social networking site. And, on 13 April 2007, he launched

He’d actually tried to call his website or, but those domain names were already taken. So he settled for his nickname, Nopkin.

In Tsangla, nopkin means “a lazy or a clumsy person”. Sangay and his friends used it to describe their English teacher, Nopkin Sir. But one day, Sangay’s classmates mistook him for Nopkin Sir. And from that day on, his friends affectionately called him Nopkin.

Is Sangay a nopkin? Is he lazy? Consider this: already has 2630 articles, 1447 jokes, 1126 photographs and 66 polls and 1280 members. And the impressive numbers keep growing. That’s one big, valuable resource for Bhutan. Definitely not something that a lazy, lethargic nopkin would be capable of producing.

Need more proof that Sangay is not a complete nopkin? Members of his site automatically belong to Nopkin Volunteers for Social Service. And Nopkin Volunteers have already carried out several cleaning campaigns in Thimphu and beyond.

Go ahead, make somebody’s day – join the Nopkin experience.


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  1. I have been a member of the nopkin for almost a year and half now and my experiece have been great.
    meeting new friends, reading those interesting articles and those funny jokes and the beautiful pics it has helped me alot socially and getting new ideas….

    So i would suggest all the reader to be a part of it, its worth it..

  2. he looks phorab in this photograph. otherwise he’s not. haha

  3. connects those people who are committed to providing community services. It connects people who thrust lending hands in times of need. Nopkin members could be anything for the community, for peace and for harmony. Here Nopkin is forcing a smile but I know he is all smiles in his heart.

  4. Good Work!! Nopkin

  5. no man he is phorab in real life too…..

  6. Sangay Tenzin says

    Hon’ble Lyonpo,
    Thank you for featuring in your wonderful blog. Lyonpo have put it up in an excellent way!

    And thank you everyone for your comments…





  8. I’m a member of Nopkin Volunteers for Social Service/ This site has not only helped me write–which is my hobby and a passion, it has also helped me realize my dream of helping people. The social services that we carry out aren’t very noticeable works that catch attention of media and the mass but they help us create meaning in our life–no matter however small.

    I would like to thank Hon’ble lyonpo on behalf of all the members for being very kind in featuring it in your blog. I feel this probably is a good sign–that we will go a long way.

  9. Phuntsok Rabten says

    Way to go, Nopkin!!! You embody the Gandhian maxim – “Be the change you want to see.”
    We need all the role models we can get.

  10. I have had the pleasure of knowing Sangay since college days, but never knew why he is called ‘Nopkin’. Now I do and definitely the nick doesn’t suit the person he is.’s humors have always made my day!!
    Great work!!

  11. Your excellency,

    I am a member of Nopkin too. The father of Nopkin (Sangay) and his site seriously deserved to be written about. Thank you!

  12. Please visit too!!

  13. Pro Nopkin says

    I heard about this site through others. From what I heard I think it is not only promoting social networking but also helping people to improve their literary and writing skills. Read other sites such as KOL Forum and, you can see the real difference. The quality of the writers can be seen. I am encouraged by this site and the purpose of its existence is legitimate and we should encourage it. How about other similar site that can promote our Dzongkha writing skills given that people are finding it hard to read and write our national langauge. Sites such as nopkin can help to promote it. Students could write poems, essays, articles and improve their knowledge in the process. Good essays and stories could be selected and even included in the school curriculum which could then encourage more writers by way of receiving recognition and repect.

  14. I have been writing in Nopkin for more than 8 years and till now i did not know what is the meaning of Nopkin, Today you have made me clear the true meaning of nopkin, Nopkin website is wonderful website and i trust the webmaster through my heart and soul…May nopkin website prosper and bring the happiness to all the readers,….Thanks you laa!!!

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