Devika Darjee

A winner

Almost 200 of you took part in the poll to decide who would be our sportsperson of the year. Thank you for voting. And thank you for your many comments. I closed the poll at midnight on the last day of January.

The race was close. Ugyen Yoeser (cycling) and Devika Darjee (cricket) ran neck and neck in our informal competition. Eventually Devika won, but by barely a whisker – she secured 55 votes against Ugyen’s 53.

Devika Darjee was the only lady among my nominees for the sportsperson of 2010. She beat nine men to the top spot. Congratulations.

Devika wins Nu 25,000. She should contact me by email to claim her prize.

The prize money comes from the Nu 200,000 I collected for completing the Tour of the Dragon, a bicycle race from Bumthang to Thimphu. All of it is being spent on social work, especially to promote sports.

 Photo credit: Kuensel


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  1. Wow…what a way of campaigning for 2013…Kudos to your great idea.

    Losar Tashi Delek to all the the political fans!

  2. Nop Devika and her squad did fantastic for Bhutan. She should be rewarded in some ways….OPL’s initiative is good. Hope she is informed about her win…..some one who knows her should call her

  3. Great initiative and very clever of you not to have mentioned of any prize money for the winner, otherwise we would have had a winner not deserving of the prize.

    In the end, though I did not vote, I think the right sportsperson won. With the prize money, I hope she will at least take her other team mates for a meal, after all without them, she too would not have shone.

    Cheers to OL and congrats to Devika.

  4. Dear OL,

    An a very sports loving person, I think that this is one very great initiative, irrespective of how people perceive it.

    Since the prize money is for the prize money you collected for your biking race, which rightfully is yours to spend how you want to, using that money to promote sports is very commendable.

    My suggestions is, how about starting/founding a Football Club with that money? I m sure that will benefit a lot of our youth.

    In appreciation for this support for sports!!

  5. I second the idea of a Football club, maybe you could found a club comprising of the vulnerable or neglected groups of the society.
    How about recovering addicts/disbanded gang members?

    There is already one of their kind but we can have more to keep them engaged and motivated.

  6. it is no secret that most of us bhutanese are the biggest hypocrites especially captaisn of industry like the tashi brothers when it comes to charity. we won’t mind donating tens of thousand to monks for our own spiritual benefit but not donate anything for orphans and the underprivileged. In that context this is a great initiative by OL and he should be appreciated for a small but very symbolically valuable contribution. great going hon ol.

  7. This was a fantastic Idea, congratulate!
    Devika has been informed this morning in front of all team members. Bhutan Women’s team will be departing tomorrow to Kuwait for ACC Women’s Twenty20 Championship,so log on to Bhutan Cricket web or Asian Cricket web. Just for your kind information:

    Match schedule
    18 Feb Bhutan vs. Singapore
    19 Feb Bhutan vs. China
    20 Feb Bhutan vs. Hongkong
    23 Feb Bhutan vs. Oman

    Other interesting news is that our same U19 team will be playing against these senior side.

    Losar Tashi Delek!

  8. We featured Devika in our sportsperson section in Students’ Digest too- I suppose we were among the many who felt she was the right person now! Congratulations to her, and this may or may not be a political campaign (every good thing that the OL will do will be perceived with some amount of suspicion, I guess he just has to live with that now!) but i wish this had been more publicised. I know the OL would not want to do that for obvious reasons, (more people to say its a political campaign) but it will motivate sportspersons in the country. and they need that ind of encouragement dearly!

  9. Di, great that you featured Devika in your magazine too, she deserves all the accolades that are being sent her way. In regard to OL, please give us credit for being a bit more educated, we all know when he is up to his political gimmicks and this time he definitely is not.

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