Compulsory contributions?

I’d promised one anonymous reader that I’d give my views on an unrelated comment on “Sustaining happiness”. This was what our anonymous reader had asked: I have been reading about the contribution of the MPs salary towards sustaining thier offices and wondered how that worked. How is accounted for in the election commission. To me, its seems like an advantage over other parties and perhaps something only DPT is capable of right now. given, that PDP has only two members even if they wanted to contribute , it wouldn’t compare.

The comment relates to talk about the DPT requiring their MPs to contribute part of their salaries to maintain party offices in their respective constituencies. It also relates to the DPT’s decision last July that their MPs would contribute 10% of their salaries to the party.

DPT has an overwhelming majority in the National Assembly. And if their MPs decide to finance party offices in their constituencies, that’s their business. So I believe that as long as contributions made by the MPs are in accordance with the law, no one can complain about the advantage that DPT enjoys.

But I’m concerned if the each of their MPs is required to contribute the same amount of money to the party. If that were the case, MPs could be making compulsory contributions to their party. Or be paying some sort of fee. And both are illegal.

Our election laws allow party members, which would naturally include MPs, to make voluntary contributions to their party. They can contribute, but that contribution must be voluntary. Contributions cannot be made compulsory, or forced, on any member. Since I can’t see how 45 persons could agree to voluntarily contribute exactly same amount of money, I believe that such contributions may be illegal. So our anonymous commentator may have a point.

I’d made reference to this in an earlier entry.


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