2nd general convention

The PDP held its second general convention yesterday.

Despite strong appeals, from every party member, PDP president Lyonpo Sangay Ngedup resigned, taking full “moral responsibility” for the party’s loss in Bhutan’s first general elections.

The general convention confirmed the following nominations:

President: Tshering Tobgay
Vice Presidents: Damcho Dorji, Ritu Raj Chhettri, Yeshey Dorji
Secretary General: Sonam Jatsho
Treasurer: Namgay Dorji
Spokesman: Dr Tandin Dorji

The general convention also approved a new executive board.


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  1. Anonymous says

    Firstly, congratulations to you on being nominated as the Party President. You have a huge responsibility to shoulder – and that is an understatement.

    Does the former president and minister Sangay Ngedup continue to be a party member? I hope so.

    I also congratulate the other newly elected office bearers. Except for Yeshey Dorji, I know the rest very well. All capable professionals. Some of these new office bearers will hopefully ignite new interest in the party. The party desperately needs to be seen as one with a link to the people and not anywhere else. Afterall, it is the people who will vote!

    Good Luck.

  2. Anonymous says

    I thought that Bhutanese political party will adopt the concept of one post for one person at a time. However, a precedent is now set.

    I wish you a happy tenure.

  3. Anonymous says

    congratulations la!!!!!. no doubt heceforth we will definitely sense a difference, so i wish you wonderful and happy prsidentship…..

  4. Anonymous says

    tashidelek for being a pesident of pdp. i hope changes will bring in 2013 election when people know what democracy is? keep it up. hope of pdp is not dead for the people of bhutan.

  5. Anonymous says

    Congrates for being elected as a party president. i feel you have a huge responsibility to take your party forward.
    As a person i guess SN is a great person. I only wish if he was not at all related to his selfish father. Remember PDP lost because of his family background and not due to incapable SN and other party members. This was the campaign strategy that DPT used in their last GE. SN has brought so many positive changes in our society and we all salute for his selfless service to the country. If he has resigned permanmently from the party may he be blessed with showers of happiness in his life. Else we would believe he has just been out for a while to contemplate about his failures and re-emerge strong as a PDP candidate in the next election.

  6. Congratulation your excellency! We would like to hear some more of walk the talk.

    PDP supporter.

  7. Anonymous says

    what happened to Lam Kezang?

    Sonam Jatsho as secretary general will further bring PDP to nuts.

    i think PDP should appoint better personalities to the key positions, who are selfless, dedicated, down-to-earth.

    that will be the key to your success in the next round or face the same fate!

  8. i hope lyonpo Sangay Ngedup continue to be a member to the party though. It’ll be a huge loss to us all since he has this wealth of knowledge and experience.

    Congratulation on being nominated!!!

  9. Ashanglopon says

    Tashi Delek. My sincere wishes and prayers for a strong, formidable and a responsible opposition. A strong opposition, no doubt, is the prerequisite for a vibrant and a successful democracy.

  10. Your Exellency,

    I have a question la.

    Where is PDP headed under your presidentsip? What is the one thing you would like to change about PDP for a great comeback in the 2013 elections?

    As far as I am concernced, as a strong PDP supporter and a follower fo you, there is so much PDP needs to do at this moment.

    PDP has to clean up all the mess DPT made by using fear tactics. Although I believe in the best for PDP, I dont think PDP will stand a chance for 2013 as well.

    I dont know how you might take this, but for PDP to win in the next elections, a lot has to be done. Perhaps PDP might even have to start from the scratch.

    I wish you all the best la!

  11. Anonymous says

    Lyonpo SN for BCCI President. What do you say? I think it is a realistic pursuit & will work well.

  12. Where is Lam Kezang Chhoephel gone??

  13. Ol,
    Would be good if you could tell us how the elections were conducted? How come Damcho, who seems more popular to PDP supporters, was not elected? But I see the logic in you being appointed for obvious reasons – congratulations!

  14. Anonymous says

    i would have done exactly the same if were Lyonpo Sangay. I guess… it shows his intergrity and his dignity. We ( i defintely did) might want him to stay but the decision is his own. i believe that its a big loss for the country. But of course … it has to take an election like the 2008 and a year after that to realise that.

    and of course there can’t be a place for people like Lyonpo in the likes of the democracy that is in Bhutan. Because we need people to only talk and it doesn’t matter if we deliver what we talk.

    i am thinking we should be proud and hope we are…. now that we have got Lyonpo Sangay out of the way.

    PS: HE ought to stay!!!

  15. As one of the ex-candidates and an active member of PDP, I would like to thank everybody for your active participation in this blog, and continued concern and interest in PDP. It is unfortunate that in spite of strong appeal, LSN resigned as the President of the Party. The General Secretary Lam Kezang is one of the most valuable and respected members of PDP. He has sacrificed a lot and his contribution to the Party is immense. Unfortunately, due to financial constraints, the Party is in no position to pay him a deserving salary. As an opportunity came up for him to join a well paid job, the Party decided to be fair to him and let him take up the job. However, he will continue to remain a strong supporter, advisor and mentor to the present officer bearers of the Party.

    I would also like to clarify that the new office bearers are all volunteers including the General Secretary and the Treasurer. Beside their own private jobs or businesses, they will be shouldering the PDP office bearers’ responsibilities on a voluntary basis. As you can see, these are all temporary arrangements to deal with the leadership vacuum and to ensure that our country has a viable opposition party, which is necessary to ensure development of proper democracy in our country. It is in the long term interest of establishing a vibrant, competitive and participatory democracy that we have an opposition party supporting the 2 MPs.

    I wish all the newly elected office bearers “Tashi Delek!”

  16. OL & Party President huge huge responsibility. I hope the ship sails smooth with you and many who on board will enjoy success. Tashi delek and prayers for Bhutan's politics. May we have best of politicians to serve this nation and make our furure generations proud.

  17. Anonymous says

    What about the Women’s wing? Who is responsible for the PDP women’s wing?

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