Dear Kudrung

OL with hot perks

OL with hot perks

Kudrung recently sent me a letter. The letter was posted on this blog as a comment to an article. The comment had nothing to do with the article, “Illegal, immoral and dangerous”. Here’s what Kudrung wrote:

My Dearest OL,

I hate to say this but I just can’t hold myself to say aloud how much I envy you.

An Opposition Leader with the rank of the cabinet has all the the time in the world to create a blog, moderate them daily, write articles and finally post it. How can he do it ? I only wish I have so much time to do all this. As a office goer I hardly have time even to read and reply my emails.

Guys, please recommend me what should I do to be like the OL with all the perks of a Minister, with high status and power, highly revered (for being only the two elected in the party)and all to do is to moderate articles in a website/blog.

How much I wish to be like him.

Kudos to him.

I should have replied to Kudrung’s letter immediately. But, like Kudrung, I’ve been pressed for time. Plus I didn’t know if I was expected to reply. So I’m writing now, with apologies for the delay.

Dear Honourable Kudrung:

You forgot to leave a return address. But don’t worry. I have the IP address of the computer you used. Your computer sent it to me automatically when you registered your nickname on my blog. And your IP address tells me that you are a member of the national assembly. So, I’m following protocol, and prefixing your name, even if it’s only a nickname, with the title “honourable”.

I thank you for your letter. But I found it rather confusing. You see, immediately after addressing me (and thank you for calling me your “Dearest OL”) and confiding in me (by admitting aloud “how much I envy you”) you chose to ignore me. Yes, I agree that you talked about me. But you were talking to everyone else, not to me – you’d quickly relegated me, your subject, to the third person.

I am not offended though. I just didn’t know whether you expected me to reply to your letter or not. Hence, the delay.

You sound envious of my position. Yes, as opposition leader, I am accorded the rank of a cabinet minister. And, yes, I enjoy the perks that come with it. But, I haven’t been given any more “status and power” than you, Honourable Kudrung. Unless, that is, you were referring to my orange kabney. I guess the kabney does lend a little more “status”. But, I swear, I have no more “power” than you. And, I assure you that there’s absolutely no reason to imagine that I am any more “revered” than you. My party, the opposition, has only two members. And, because of that, our party may get some sympathy. But reverence? None at all. We haven’t done anything to deserve it. So, there’s absolutely no need to be worried.

Talking of parties, you are obviously from the ruling party. So I’m confused. Your party won. And won comprehensively. You control 96% of the National Assembly. The ten cabinet ministers and the prime minister are from your party. And so are the speaker and the deputy speaker. Plus most of the chairpersons of the committees belong to your party.

And still you covet the opposition leader’s position.

For the sake of democracy, permit the opposition party to appoint the opposition leader. But if you really, really want to become the opposition leader, next time join the losing party.

You do know that the opposition leader is not required to maintain a blog, don’t you? So if it’s the blog that you’re really after – if you didn’t like what I wrote about in “Illegal, immoral and dangerous” – you should start your own weblog. There’s no law that prevents our members of parliament from doing so. In fact, your blog would be very welcome. Our people would find you more accessible. You’d be able to benefit by interacting with them. And you would be able to put their wisdom and their insight to good practice.

Yours respectfully,

Tshering Tobgay

P.S. I hope you like the picture.  It’s by Bhutan Observer. And you can see what I think about it here.


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  1. Haha

    Now I want to know who cheap scat of a MP this Kudrung is. It is fair game for a member of the public to post trash on the OL’s Blog .. but not a Member of the Parliament. If he has any respectability about him, he should refrain from such cheap digs. If he has an issue to take up, he is welcome – but he should do it with dignity and not in such a sarcastic way.

    I remember I posted a reply to him on behalf of the OL since I didn’t like his tone. But when I read his counter remark, I decided that he wasn’t some one with whom I should engage in a debate. He wasn’t someone with any substance and to continue to respond to him would have been a waste of time.

  2. This is interesting.
    Poor Kudrung, maybe he/she never knew that IP addresses could be traced and thought that nicknames could save his/her face forever.
    How exposed, aware, responsible and principled MNA he/she is? interesting times!!

    • I need to clarify that I didn’t trace anyone. Never have. Never will.

      But you need to know that, when you post a comment on any website, including this blog, your IP address is registered automatically. Most IP addresses is just a series of numbers – yours is But any IT technician would be able to immediately recognize the address. In Kudrung’s case, the IP address was not just the series of numbers, it actually described the address. That’s why I could tell, immediately, where Kudrung sent the comment from.

      I repeat. I did not trace the address. And I never will. It’s not worth it. And it’s wrong.

  3. Dear OL,

    What is your message exactly, one is obviously meant for the DPT and the other I guess is that you want us to know that if you choose to you can track us down anytime you want.

  4. :O what a bummer! haha. its actually quite a funny situation, isn’t it? Which is why anonymity is never a god idea.
    BTW, for honourable kudrung, it would be nice if you could start a blog too. after all, its the information age, and what better way to connect to voters than blog, eh? It’s actually a very proactive way of interacting with people, telling them about u and knowing what they feel…exactly what you are supposed to do! 🙂

  5. All of us know that IP addresses can be traced if required BUT this fear should not deter bloggers to participate in healthy debate on issues of national importance. Also, it will be important to not scare away bloggers so that issues can be discussed frankly for everyones benefit.

  6. Dear OL, about your poll….I think you should have had more options, I mean its difficult to say “There is discrimination against women in Bhutan,” I would be more comfortable saying that it is there to some extent, or in some areas, both socially and geographically. Obviously its not a black and white issue. I don’t know doesn’t cover it, either, because I do know that there is discrimination in some areas, i know stories of some.

    • Di, your response tells me that: There is discrimination!

      • well, going by your poll, most people say there isn’t. But there is. I have heard some women say they have faced discrimination. Parents in rural areas still don’t send girls to school. we still have all those ‘degrading proverbs’ going around. My guy friends still say that as a girl i should be the one cooking and cleaning. thankfully the practise is out but when i was in school, some girls were expelled because they got pregnant. you still need your dads name to register in census. schools in some areas still demand the dads name for admission. we still have forms to fill up here the second line, after your own name is father’s or husband’s name. inheritance still is a problem for women, especially when there is ‘census problem’. but your poll disagrees. still, i would not say ‘there is discrimination against women in bhutan’. i would say, “yes, some women n bhutan are discriminated in some ways.’ I said ‘yes’ to your poll, but with some hesitation. 🙂

  7. I am not sure if kudrung is really an MP or not. The reason being that we will be able to say that the particular IP belongs to NA only if NA offices are provided with static IPs. Anyway, whether kudrung is an MP or not is not my concern here. All I can say is this: Don’t talk sh*t which you actually don’t mean and you can’t back it up. If you can cash what you checked, it makes no difference if they traced your machine or not.

  8. dear tshering tobgay,

    you are a great and wise person with loads of sparkling energy.
    and you have a good time management too!
    maybe the member of the ruling party could read a book about time management. to do so could free his mind and let him read his emails…

    take it as compliment.

    with best regards from berlin, germany.

    p. koschel

  9. I am surprised by the mail OL received, either it’s written in hurry or the writer has forgot the basics of letter writing we teach in schools. Keeping aside the structure of writing, and talking about the content; well what to talk about? There is nothing in particular. But sure there is jealousy more than appreciation.
    Kudrung, Did OL report late to office or leave early? He, I think creates his own time to write on blog… it’s an individual right!

  10. Am I genius? says

    If Kudrung’s concern is about the time management here is what I do and I am real and these are facts.

    I am a senior civil servant, I sit in four boards where I am the most active, I maintain two blogs and three social website pages, I have a family, I do social works, I trek every weekend and I maintain one hour golf or tennis or gym every day. And I am doing on-line masters degree.

    If OL is just maintaining one website and doing nothing (as Kudung says) I am concerned about the future of this country. If Kudrung is really an MP and is envious of OL doing just that or thinking OL is doing just that, I am even more concerned.

    It is not “time” that we don’t have. It is more our lack of “will” to get things done or see that things are done.

  11. Here is my recommendation to the Honorable God knows whom MP Kudrung :

    Your letter is a proof of your incompetence. I concluded half way through your letter that you are too immature. You have an absolute lack of consideration that others might be smarter than you or simply efficient in their time management. You have a very negative perception about how you view things. Do yourself a favor: Learn from the wise.

    Have confidence in what you think is right and in what you have to say. Own it. Don’t hide behind nicks and throw about criticisms how others are faring well. When it back fires, you’ll be so ashamed that you would wish to shed your skin for good.
    Learn to appreciate. In my opinion, the OL is doing a great job in trying to be accessible. He is a wise man, and a brave one. He owns what he says. And he welcomes feedbacks. Take that chance, and tell him he is wrong. Prove it to him but own what you have to say.
    There is an old Bhutanese saying; “If you eat the onion yourself, it will burn your nose, if you see others eating it, your eyes will burn”. Hope you are not the sad case here.
    Oh shoot.. this reminds me of another wise piece my teacher once told me :
    Dung karpo karwi rangshin la, khong tsheyney chen gi serbu thong”
    Don’t panic.. it’s in Dzongkha. It simply means… “To the Jaundiced eyes, the all natural white conch shell appears yellow”
    That’s enough lesson for you today. See..? You got a ton of lessons for free from your nonsensical letter. Come up with your own blog and perhaps you’ll learn more.


  12. i was realy ashamed to see Kudrung write up… this is nonsense and bullshit. Our OL is doing great job for our country. He manages the time. Kundrung….In managemnet theory dont tell anyone that you dont have time…our OL manages the time. If he maintains 4-5 blogs it does not matter to you.You work for what you are paid for. i think OL need to give him tutorial class for blogging or Govt should divert fund to teach Kudrung to learn blogging from the scarp.

  13. LAUGHING GAS says

    Honorable OL,

    So I was right.

    The recent Kasho has proved that parliamentarian don’t read, and have not read or understood the Constitution.

    The way the Speaker was leading the discussion I was in a serious doubt that even he had not read the Constitution. I had no doubt on you and PM. I have mentioned this earlier too.

    Isn’t this a shame? Whatever we say or think our MPs are our leaders or some are future leaders. And here we have an MP (I hope you got the IP address right) thinking that the OL is only chatting on the computer and wasting his time away.

  14. Dear KUDRUNG,
    The Darwin theory of “Survival of the FITTEST” has become practical reality in this modern world of Technological driven web 2.0 age. N further more…MULTI-TASKING…you marry with TIME, manage and play with time…u have 24 Hrs a Day….every thing is possible if you have the will to DO la…

  15. I just have one thing to add:- How can things work well? or achieve our national goals if this is the situation amongst the leaders.

    we expect our leaders to work as one and not act like enemies; act as prudent citizens of our country with an extra responsibility vested on them.

  16. The actual reason Kudrung envies the OL is not what he mentioned in his post. He envies the OL for his intelligence, hard work, courage, and commitment. It is amazing to see OL posting, sometimes, 2-3 articles a day in his blog beside fulfilling all other responsibilities. For some people it will be hard to come up with even one good article of substance and quality – no matter how much time one is given. So we cannot blame Kudrung for envying OL’s capabilities.

    I TOO ENVY THE OL, but for different reasons:

    I envy him for his unconditional commitment to protect and safeguard our Constitution. I envy his ability to raise and contribute meaningful discussions on important issues at National Assembly, BBS live discussions, and media news articles. I envy his courage to disagree and expose the wrongdoings of the powerful and influential people in the government. I envy his courage to oppose the powerful ruling party on important issues like CDG, media intimidation, etc.. And most of all, I envy his commitment to maintaining this blog which I feel is a great public service. I work late and sometimes I see OL’s articles appearing on his blog late at night – sometimes past mid night. This shows that, for the benefit of general public, he is willing to work hard and invest all his free time in maintaining this blog. It is through this blog that we get to learn and participate in discussions on many important issues being raised in National Assembly. This blog also informs the public about the shortcomings of the ruling party and the government, and the OL’s own views and comments on important issues. Because of media’s dependence on government, some of the important issues raised in this blog do not appear in newspapers and BBS programs. If Kudrung is one of the MPs, by discrediting OL’s blog, I wonder if it is a part of the DPT’s conspiracy to hide and evade important issues and their shortcomings from the general public – after they have successfully banned BBS live telecast of the NA sessions.

    If we remember what our beloved King said in his speech at the concluding ceremony of the 3rd NA session, Kudrung’s article holds no credibility. HM said: “The Opposition, though comprised of only two members, has through diligence and commitment fulfilled the important duties of the Opposition Party enshrined in the Constitution.”

    OL, don’t let such petty minded people discourage you. You are doing okay. Keep up the good work of informing the people and the nation of the truth, and continue to carry the voices of the concerned citizens, for the greater good of the nation.

  17. (Response To The Kudrung-Attack)

    “Dear OL,” (And mine is meant without venom or sarcasm or racism or enviousness or covetousness or with jealousy or feigned-reverence…Its just that…because ours is a small community and we all know each other somehow: relatives, kith, kin, friends et al.

    So once more, may I re-assert that sincerity by saying again, “Dear OL, Please Keep Blogging. It Has Done More For Social Discussions And Participation On Topics/Issues That Would Otherwise Be Available To Only a Select Few. It Has Done And Does Wonders. Please Keep Writing…

    I Read Amitabh Bachchan’s Blog…I Liked Him As An Actor But After Reading His Blogs (Which He Religiously Updates) I’ve Come To Love His Writing. The Blog Now Has Confirmed Some Of The Qualities I Was Sure He Was Born/Bred With: Humility, Dignity, Principled, Grounded, Open-Minded And Many More.

    I’m Sure “That Kudrung” Would Agree That Amitabh Isn’t The Most “Free-Person” Around Yet He Makes Time, Neither Is Bill Gates..Yet He Does/Makes Time For Philanthropy….And Michael Moore.

    The Point Is This: What’s Wrong With Anybody Who Decides To Share a Platform With The Public-At-Large For “Engaged-Discussions?” Isn’t That The Whole Purpose?

    We Should Be Glad We Have The “Opposition Leader” Giving/Bringing/Maintaining a Blog-site Wherein He Updates Issues Regularly.

    Now Why Don’t You, Dear Kudrung, Join-In/Open-Up One Of Your Own And Encourage Your Mates To Do The Same.

    Its About The Moon…Not The Finger Pointing At It!

  18. Hon’ble Kudrung,
    It is sad to have Guys like you up in the parliament( only if are there )and criticising about someone who is still informing the nation about the kind of bully the whole country is going through which is so blatant in the house.Any way my advice to you would be is Ps PS mantain a blog to let us participate in nation building through positive comments.
    Looking forward in writing on your blog….

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