Our Punakha party

Yesterday, our secretary general Sonam Jatso and I visited Punakha. The PDP Dzongkhag office there had invited us to attend their general meeting. About 100 party members including members, workers and supporters had gathered to discuss strategies to further strengthen our dzongkhag office.

I was delighted. We lost both the Punakha constituencies last year. And our president, Lyonpo Sangay Ngedup, who hails from Punakha, resigned to take moral responsibility for the poor election results. Yet, not a single party worker or supporter has left the party. Instead, they are closer and more focused than ever. And they are determined to work hard to revitalize our party.

Now we must do our bit …


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  1. Anonymous says

    Good luck La! Now we can sense your busy schedules; takes time to update your blog.

    Go PDP!

  2. Sir,

    The party workers’ commitment and dedication looks impressive and looks like they will carry on.

    However, my personal feeling one reason your party lost the last election was because of over confidence. Over confidence the party workers had and subsequent feeding of it to the candidates.

    Thus, a humble suggestion is, try sustaining the party workers’ dedication and hardwork to the party but remind them that over confidence harmful.

    ” Its never too early- never too late”

  3. All the best PDP. Are you planning of changing the current party coordinators. One of the reasons that PDP lost is due to the type of coordinators (Regional, Geog, Demkhong Coordinators etc.)PDP has selected. Coming to Punakha party, you should, by any means, change your people like Namgay Phuntsho, Damchoe Wangchuk. Good luck.

  4. Anonymous says

    Your honoble,
    i do agree with the eariler comment on looking at changing the so called front runners at the local level because i have heard that people like Damchoe Wangchuk are called `Setro` in his area.

  5. Anonymous says

    Damchoe Wangchuk is not only called as “Sitro” but he is also called as “Sadam”

  6. Anonymous says

    I am glad that PDP is trying to work with a new approach and strategy to bridge a new level of communication link. It is the right time to start working for the next general elections. I as a voter of this great nation feel that our OL’s team will certainly make a big difference in next four years. I am glad that you dont fear to speak what is right to say “right action” against all odds in the Parliament. There is one powerful NO among many Yes. This NO is good for the citizen of this great country.

    Small is beautiful so is Bhutan and its size of opposition leaders.

    Starting punakha, The victory starts from the place of defeat.

    I wish you a humble good start for great leadership.


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