Party convention

Here’s good news for PDP supporters:

A high-level party meeting today decided that PDP’s annual convention will be held on 22 March 2009. All registered members are entitled to participate in the convention, details of which will be made public this week.


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  1. Good Luck!

    Please do not lose hope due to your party’s poor showing in the first parliamentary elections. Many Bhutanese already regret for voting DPT to power. The way DPT is screwing up things and alienating the civil servants (the single largest force of educated and well-informed Bhutanese), will pave an excellent path for PDP to bounce back.

    Start stretegering now! We will be there!

    Good Luck again!

  2. Excellent.

    This is the time to reflect back and study what went wrong in the past. Plan your next campaign with clear cut strategies. Perform reality checks. Assess the key campaign resources like: Time, Money, People and Talent. Analyze campaign strategies. Find new approaches to Fund Raising.
    Go PDP go!

  3. In the last campaigns, the pompous businessmen that surrounded PDP candidates put off many people. This “chamcha” factor kept the candidates insulated from reality and they thought they were doing well on the ground. Of course, who could forget the Yab factor (that was unfortunate). And somehow the fear tactics worked for DPT with the civil servants – they did a good job selling themselves as the party with K4’s blessings (which again was not really true).

    This time around make sure your candidates are promoted by well-respected people (not just rich or pompous people).

    I wish another party would come to life. Then that would make for some interesting choices. PDP did have excellent candidates, but people were voting for the parties and not individuals the last time around.

    Good luck.

  4. For the sake of democracy, I hope your party survives. How come several months after the Party President retired, you are still not able to convene a meeting and elect a new one? Is the Party still a legal entity as per CEC rules and regulations? I doubt it! Any way, good luck and let us hope the March 22nd date is not another bluff from you. Happy Losar!

  5. It is high time PDP had one convention!!!

    I also feel PDP supporters have the right to know future strategies and the direction you are steering the party.

    I would begin by revamping the office (no offence meant to the lam kezang lot but that guy knows nothing about strategies and future directions).

    I think PDP won by losing. A diamond always shines among the rocks and so will you.

    Barack Obama won the presidency with a coalition of support from all sectors of the American people. So did LJYT with overwhelmingly support from the shachops and the Bhumtaps and even Ngalong. You and Damchoe won because he could not reach your constituencies. JYT proved to be a better strategies and politician than LSN. His thingking cap was sharper than PDPs. For example he was in contact with every candidate in every constituency on a daily basis while LSN (bless his good heart) left the candidate without any guidance. You guys were over confident and thats what the civil servants did not like…a point to ponder..

    Another mistake PDP leadership made was being too choosy and hurting the sentiments…anyway I have said enough.

    I support PDP’s ideals..and good luck!!!!

  6. We hear many PDP candidates have resigned & have no way to confirm it. But I do agree that PDP had better candidates than DPT but teh outcome was pathetic because of the campaign strategy like many commentators mentioend here.

    PDP was surrounded by so called very loyal business people when they actually were not. They were just there on command & were fake. I am a PDP supporter and had high hopes but my hopes dwindled slowly as I atended a meeting or two and heard those so called supporters just do the talk and not deliver. They were just interested in Lyonpo's sweet talk but not delivering in the field. The party workers may have been genuine but the bigger supporters were FAKE although they may have donated some money.

    Has Lyonpo Sangay really given up. I feel teh chance is more in the next elections if he were still the president with some others out of the membership.

  7. It is good LSN resigned! In the first place he should not have agreed to be a politician since he is a hopeless one. He should have remained a royal family and stayed above politics instead of saying he is not a royal family.

    If I were to lead PDP, I would adopt DPT’s strategies: say what people want to hear and go back stabbing the minute you turn your back.

    Considering the civil servant brought them to power and the first thing DPT does is raising MP’s salaries; there couldnt be bigger slap on the civil servants’ face than this action of DPT. But the civil servants deserve it!!! CHANG AARU CHRU THUNG GO!

  8. Next time, PDP will win with overwhelming support from the sarchops, Khengpas, Ngalongs and even the Lotshams.

    No ethnic community is less important than another as some comments seem to indicate. In order for a party to be truly national, it must have a national strategy. It must be able to get the support from every direction.

    Good Luck PDP.

  9. Music to OL’s ears! Hope they are not empty as always!

  10. It is high time the Opposition put forward an appeal to His Majesty to dissolve the current government. Hope you all discuss it during the convention as well.

  11. WHat will happen if, OL and the other Mp from haa resign… ?????
    any thing about it in the constitutions. it would be interesting to see what next.. although a year now.. not late to start a new one.. hahahahhahaha

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