PDP general convention

Tomorrow, 22nd March, PDP will hold its general convention.

We anticipate a large turnout. People from every dzongkhag have telephoned to inform us that they’ll be participating in the meeting.

The convention is open to all party members. To attend, please be at the RAPA hall by 9:30 AM.


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  1. Anonymous says

    You had earlier in BO said that there will be a general secretary election too, is that mean the PDP’s present secretary is resigning too?

    Good luck and we too hope for the best!

  2. Anonymous says

    Good Luck… I hear Lyonpo Sangay is still around. That is music to the ears of his supporters.

    I hope the despair period is over for Lyonpo and the party and henceforth PDP will focus on strategeering for 2013.

    The party will win in 2013!

  3. Anonymous says

    i am happy… the PDP is having a convention. Occasionally, i look at the PDP site online and i feel a little dissapoionted that there’s no update….
    i wanted to write to the President and say hope he is staying and along with him all the rest……. but I didn’t since i wasn’t sure if anybody was going to read it. I am glad i can do it here……

    So i wish the PDP all the best and a successful meeting on the 22th of March.

    It is indeed true that true success is learnt from failure… i guess in this case we could say that for some public/citizens and the party ( PDP) we shoould nail it next time…

    we will get there….

  4. do i need a spoiler alert to say congratulations? well, i hope that now that u had the convention, u focus on doing better at the next elections. We need to balance out things a little next time round.

  5. freedomofexpression says

    PDP should maintain their strength as it was in 2008 or even stronger.. I am behind PDP for sure in next election. All the best laa..

  6. Anonymous says

    Dear Lyonpa la,
    Earnestly waiting for your updates from the PDP’s convention.

    Thank you!

  7. Nobody can be sure about PDP doing better than the ruling party. Who knows PDP could do worst than the present government!

    What is more important for building strong foundation and a vibrant democracy to flourish is to have a good number of opposition MPs. I sincerely hope that PDP will win more numbers of seats in the parlianment in the next election.

  8. I am very sad with the resignation of Lyonpo Sangay from Party President. Lyonpo clearly pass his message to all the people of Bhutan how he is being treated by the people after having served so much in the country.

    It is a lesson that not only PDP learned, but we all learned from our people. I cannot trust our own people.

  9. Anonymous says

    Lyonpo Sangay’s resignation as the party president is really sad but at the same time he did it with good intention. He infact is a hero because he resigned with dignity and wisdom. My respect for him has doubled and PDP will always have his blessing.
    Even if he was not given a “Tama” he has left a lasting impression of a “man who would walk the talk” Cheers Lyonpo and remember things will get worst before it becomes better and only tough people can sail through it. You have our support.

  10. Anonymous says

    I am sorry for Lyanpo Sangay, but to be honest he is a legend and he will be remembered..

    People were not aware to democracy during the first elections, there were made fools and now actually people realise the disadvantages of giving votes to a particular party….Hope people change this atitude and give votes to the most deserving and capable candidate.

    and Tashi Delek to OL for the presidentship…U have more to do now Sir and we expect alot from u

  11. Trashi Delek and congratulations! I just learnt the good news from BBS that you are now elected the new President of PDP. You absolutely deserve it.
    Now, as we move forward, let me offer my loyal opinion.

    I see you in the same situation where President Obama of the United States is at the moment. President Obama inherited a nation in turmoil. Yours, an ailing Party with some serious debts. 4 million is not a big deal but a fair share of trouble for a relatively small country like ours.
    Now like I mentioned sometime ago in one of your entries, this is the time to take a long breath and reflect back on what went wrong in the past. The former Lynpo, Sangay Ngedup did an honorable job by accepting the (whether or not justified)blame onto himself. This should give your Party a fresh start, a new beginning.
    One serious mistake the Party made in the past was; they spent what they did not have. Manage your budget wisely this time. Find a new approach to fund raising.
    Analyze your campaign strategies. Reconsider and assess the key Campaign resources of time, money, talent and people. Give a new life to your Website. Encourage people to take part in it.
    I have no doubt in your accountability and transparency. One last word; Way to go PDP!

    Best Wishes ahead.

  12. Anonymous says

    Its sad to hear that PDP president has resigned but its equally nice to hear that you are now PDP president. We hope you wil carry the the wisdom of PDP and do your best in years to come. I would like to congratulate you and i want to say that i have always been behind PDP and will be with PDP for life.


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