PDP meeting

About change

About change

Today we organized a special meeting for our financial supporters. During the meeting, we made presentations on the status of our party, and talked about the way forward.

Our supporters resolved that the PDP must continued to be strengthened in order to provide an effective opposition to the government, and to ensure that our people have access to a credible alternate party.

Several supporters offered voluntary financial contributions. Others volunteered to join the fund-raising committee.


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  1. I would like to congratulate and wish the party the best inspite of many challenges. It has been hard but i think we can see that there are still hopes. The smallest opposition in te history of world’s democracy has indeed proved very strong.

  2. Wish I had some money (ample money). I would donate to both the parties to sustain themselves as it is indeed important to sustain them and see both parties succeed as it is in our antions interest to seem them secceed. The roots of good, strong and vibrant democracy should be established by these two parties. hail to DPT and hail to PDP too. Both are of utmost importance to all of us Bhutanese. However, although I don’t have money to support the two parties, I am there in spirits to support both of them and everyday wish both will succeed and I always urge the people with mney to donate generously….

  3. PDP website says


    PDP’s web site has never been update ever since the party lost in the campaign. As you know very well how powerful is ICT in disseminating information, shaping ones identity and of all keeping in touch with friends. Therefore, for benefit of all and I in particular, would love to see PDP’s web alive with latest information and news as before.

    Good luck!!!

    • We are working on our party website. But before we relaunch it, we want to make sure that we are able to sustain what we start. And we want to make it both useful and interesting. Please email me if you have any ideas. And please email me if you wish to volunteer. Thanks.

      • Hello OL,

        I know PDP had a good website before. I am a freelance web developer and designer. I also offer webhosting (of course not in Bhutan).

        I would be happy to volunteer. But I have a full time job and will be able to work only when I am free. ….

      • Many thanks Webmaster, for your generous offer.

  4. Yangchen says

    Beware, OL. In your meeting there were few members DPT fielded just to spy on you. Unless you strategise and keep those unwated elements out of the party, you and your comrade (if you still have good candidates like Lekey Dorji, Dorji Pavo, Dorji Choden, and a few others). Work hard and good luck in 2013.

  5. 2013 is a very important year for Bhutan. The second phase of democracy as far as the election goes. I would almost prefer to have the same party continue to lead the country with the same opposition simply because of the expereince. BUT on the ohter hand I won’t mind PDP winning the next election for a change and I know that it would be healthy with your leadership. However, my own judgment from hearsay is that PDP should still change some candidates while keeping some of the good ones as Yangchen mentioned. I am sure we don’t have to pinpoint the no so good candidates you have since it is easy to tell with your own intuition. They are not easy to point out and I think they are some of the closer PDP candidates. How you do it – i don’t know but is it necessary to phase them out – certainly YES. We mention this since we are concerned for your party and quite frankly the time is NOW to work.

    Truly ROMEO in support of Juliet YANGCHEN.

  6. Mr. Viewer says

    It is so great to see and hear the prospects and the supportive fire gathering together in brining about a strong O.P in the youngest Democratic nation with the smaller size of the O.P.
    keep it up dear fellows.

  7. Romeo, I like your way of seeing things. If we more people like you we would have real peace.

  8. Hello PDP,

    It would be nice to put forth your opposition point in official PDP website. Tshering Tobgays’ blog is not official and it would destroy the party instead of helping . Think of it serioulsy, party members.

    looking closely at the ground, there seems to exist no PDP memebrs and it is high time for OL and one MP to work seriously to bring back the members and give a fresh start.

    Every second is precious.

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