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Last Sunday, in the Bhutan Times…

PM and OL on state funding for parties


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  1. Whether or not political party be funded by the state is very important issue: Party without sufficient fund to maintain its offices and officers is seriously paralyzed to function as a party; And malfunctioning party is bad for democracy. We are also told that amount of volunter contributions made to political parties by Bhutanese is proven not sufficient to maintain the political parties. This is understandable considering our small population and contribution limit imposed by election commission.

    Ofcourse, there will be individuals, vested interest groups, business lobby groups etc. interested to fund political party; but lessons from elsewhere suggest that in such situation political party becomes subservient to its financiers. Such sceniro spells disaster for the country and its political system. The ultimate losers will be general public.

    Therefore, the choice should be made between state funded independent political party with primary objective to serve people of Bhutan and political party directed by the vested interest groups whose aim is to advance their self interest at the expense of general wellbeing of the country and its citizen.


  2. A few questions!

    1. What is the main area of party expense? if it is to maintain party office and pay party workers, reduce party workers and don’t maintain party office.

    2. Can the parties raise enough funds? Obviously the answer is no. Both the parties don’t enjoy public support atleast if we think support translate to fund support.

    3. The main question is, why are the parties in debt? Everybody raises the issue of party being in debt and need for state support. We need to find out why they are in debt. They are in debt because they tried to outdo each other spending limitlessly to gain an upper hand in election. The audit report on ECB website clearly shows that both parties violated the law that had a spending ceiling. You overspent, and now you want the people to pay.

    4. If parties collapse, will Parliament collapse? Whom do the MP’s represent in the Parliament? Parties or people?

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