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Allegations that Dasho Chang Ugyen had illegally acquired 10 acres of community and government land in 1987 has drawn widespread outrage and public condemnation. The allegations come even as the Gyelpozhing land grab case is still being investigated.

Both the land cases involve the senior most DPT leaders. The president, both vice presidents and several senior members of the DPT are alleged to have acquired large tracks of land illegally.

Some commentators here have pointed out that the land was acquired many years ago, much before DPT was established, and that, as such, DPT should not be linked to the allegations. They are right. The DPT party should not and cannot be held responsible for what their members did long before the party was established. But the members, if they broke the law then, must be punished now, even if it has been many years since the misdeed.

Instead, DPT leaders seem to be using their party to shield themselves from scrutiny. First, after the Gyelpozhing case was reported, the prime minister went on record to suggest that the allegations were politically motivated as they had been made “just as people are talking about next round of elections”.

And now, after Chang Ugyen’s case was reported, Lyonpo Yeshey Zimba has asserted that, “… It is sad to see that a personal issue is being politicized.”

I agree. The cases should not be politicized. But for that, DPT leaders must accept that they, like everyone else, must be investigated for alleged wrongdoings. And when that happens, DPT leaders must themselves refrain from misleading the public to believe that the allegations are politically motivated.


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  1. al though the land was grabbed in 1987 but the case was visible even during the 2008 elections or say at a time when DPT was formed . And regardless of that he was chosen as the vice president of the DPT and what is more saddening is the DPT members were aware of Chang Ugyen’s involvement so how on earth could they have not thought about the consequences of having a person with that sort of record to lead the party so any defense against him is utterly despicable.

  2. Corruption in all form should be denounced and corrupted people should be punished. But it should not be selective in reporting! When only dpt people are accused of corruption by that same journalist what can one make out of it? Should we conclude that only dpt people are corrupted and rest are clean? is it all former lyonps and dashos are clean except dpt people? OR is it politically motivated or coz of one’s personal grudge?…..it is up to individual to interpret and judge.

  3. This is an embracing to see our leaders blaming others when they are also beneath the same nose. If the involvement of our leaders is genuine then i must say that there should be second round of investigation for this case. how can a leader try to jeopardize one’s citizen by grabbing the havenot’s land when they have got plenty of it.

  4. being the citizen of bhutan, for us its not important what party he belongs to or what background he comes from.. the only important thing is if there is truth in allegation against him/her then he/she must be investigated and action must be taken..

  5. economist says

    I back Tenzin Lamsang for his path-breaking approach towards exposing horrendous cases of corruption, so that Bhutan can live up to it’s goal of zero tolerance in the arena of corruption. That said, I fear that this guy is being biased against the ruling government by unveiling only those cases where the members or kith and kin of the ruling party are involved. Correct me if I am wrong, I haven’t seen or heard the slightest news saying that Tenzin Lamsang has exposed some corruption cases involving the members or cronies of the opposition party. I don’t think that’s journalism!! I am sure there will be lots of cases of corruption involving the members from the opposition party. It’s just obvious! If past reports of corruption and embezzlement cases by Tenzin Lamsang are anything to go by, even a moron could easily extrapolate that this guy has a hidden agenda. Looking from this prism, I don’t see the slightest reason why would the ruling government not say that the undertaking by Tenzin Lamsang is “politically motivated.”If you think I am wrong, you should prove yourself and convince us by bringing to the public eye cases of corruption involving the opposition party. Just for the record, I honestly respect this guy for what he has done and I am not much of a fan of the ruling party either. What he needs to do henceforth is convince us that he has no hidden agenda or is not politically motivated buy refraining from bringing lopsided stories and rooting out corruption cases involving the opposition party. Only then, we will call you an “unbiased” journalist!! We want journalists who tell nothing but the truth, involves in nothing but in “ruthless truth-telling.”

  6. Kelpazangla says

    OL has made a just statement that DPT as a party should not be dragged but the individual culprits must be held responsible for their misdeeds. Fully agreed!

    But, the question is what rimps raised here. Why is Tenzin Lamsang always after only the DPT members? Is it that PDP members and former lot of other Ministers corruption free? Is it to say Lyonpo Kinzang Dorji, Lyonpo Leki Dorji and so on (PDP supporters) were genuine and corruption free? Prove it!

    Tenzin Lamsang’s one sided attack is making DPT leaders say the accusations are politically motivated. Let Tenzin Lamsang investigate and make a balanced report, public will just bow down!

  7. Anna Lamsang says

    it needs one man to start a anti corruption revolution… lamzang is our anna hazzare….. i am Lamsang…. ye dil mange no more corruption in the land of happiness…..

  8. i agree with OL stating that the DPT vice president has illegally acquired community land much before the party was formed, and it should not be linked or politicized.
    i assume this is the reason why DPT manifesto was zero tolerance to corruption or this manifesto was to be implemented after they come to power and defend their corrupt members. the very fact that DPT has such kind of people in their top position reflects the nature of the party.

    while tenzin lamsang has been bold enough to share this information to the entire nation, which otherwise would remain uninformed. well kelpazangla i think his motive is not to attack the DPT but to share this illegal act out of which ‘have-nots’ have lost and ‘haves’ had gained. some people’s cry out of this action were ignored because of DPT shield. i am sure TL will definitely open up other unlawful stories if any in any other agencies and organizations.

  9. what about PDP president and his favouritism shown to OL while he was a civil servant. TL dont be one sided if u are a true journalist and not someone trained in writing zoo reports

  10. kelpazang la and economist your accusations against Tenzin Lamzang show that you are planted DPT supporters.

    Tenzin rose to fame with his investigative anti PDP stories that are Bjemina case, Yab’s and Damchen companies illegal stone quarries in wangdue and Singye Group of companies many commissions and ommissions. At the time the PDP called him a pro-DPT reporter and the DPT group was full of praises for him. Now the PDP group is full of praises for him and the DPT group is calling him pro PDP reporter. i feel he is neither and is just doing his job going after both parties. one important aspect is also that none of his stories have been proven wrong eb it bjemina or gyelpozhing.

  11. they are all characters calling the kettle black..there is footage where yeshey zimba during his campaign instils fear among the people saying they could lose their lands if his opponent is elected..jigmi thinley is on national television acknowledging he obtained land for his old age in the infamous gyepshing land grab..then we have the sycophant cabinet ministers & mps joining the hypocritical chorus of serving king, country & people..all the while on the lookout on ways to enrich themselves at the cost of scarce public resources, with total disregard of the larger public interest.
    I don’t know how they can even face our kings, professing public service with such hypocrisy & acting with total greed..

  12. Ap Penjo says

    All corrupted politicians must be exposed no matter whether it has happened prior to formation of political parties or not. Land holdings against ex and present ministers must be investigated. It is time that people come in open like women activist is planning to do against the government about wild planters in kanglung region.

  13. It is unfortunate that the person facing allegation on land scam is a DPT member which leads to thinking like “politicization of personal case”, but, if proven guilty by a court of law, he must face the legal procedural consequences. It becomes important then that the government, (i.e. the ruling party) sees it as a legal action taken on the individual and not on the party as a whole.

  14. One thing that is obvious is that all corruption related media reports never reach its logical conclusion. Overzealous reporter brings out report on corruption as kind of ticket for wider public acknowledgement of journalistic skills or dare devil show of media independence or personal guts; sadly such report is not followed through. Journalist is satisfied by just reporting about corruption but equally important requirement is media’s persistence in reporting a specific case to its logical end.

    My gut feeling is that all corruption cases, except few obvious ones, will be buried or kept aside without any action mainly because of lack of follow up, because of bickering between affected individuals or their affiliated organization, institution or parties, or because of influence from several influential quarters, or because the case is reported without thorough background information, or case is framed to disrepute individuals or whatever.

    I think what we need is an independent agency, eg. ACC, to step in right when the case is reported, and take forward the case and punish whoever is guilty after thorough judicial and civil investigations; ACC should also punish the reporter of the corruption case if it is not proven wrong.

    It is nice to read to and fro arguments on corruption case in OL blog, but equally important is such cases must be followed up seriously once it is in public domain. otherwise, public will develop apathetic attitude; journalist will lose credibility, corrupt individuals will keep on being corrupt, politicians will keep bickering and pointing fingers at opposing parties.


  15. The Fountainhead says

    Media doing its best to combat corruption. it has been proved media is powerful & a supplementary tool to ACC
    to combat corruption.. one hopes media and people like Lamsang will improve the system we have via indepth reporting on sluggish public services …. i dont think Lamsang has anything to gain personally by doing what he does but taking huge risk and having a big n brave heart. only in the works of people like Lamsang we see only one winner that is Bhutan. Lamsang’s works should be sen in a longterm perspective where corruption if unchecked will ruin a small country like ours.Lamsang is Howard Rorak the hero of The Fountainhead.

  16. free bhutan from corruption says

    i think that we should praise and encourage tenzin for bringing such cases in public.we dont want any corruption in our country…so whether pdp or dpt…..people who r involved in corruption must be punished and dealt according to the laws of the country.we should not support them and encourage them.lets stop corruption in our country.peace.

  17. Kelpazangla says

    Dear Dorji,
    I am neither a planted supporter of DPT nor PDP. I am simply a concerned Bhutanese famer’s son.

    What I am trying to express is explicitly stated by Thinlay. Please read: “One thing that is obvious is that all corruption related media reports never reach its logical conclusion. Overzealous reporter brings out report on corruption as kind of ticket for wider public acknowledgement of journalistic skills or dare devil show of media independence or personal guts; sadly such report is not followed through. Journalist is satisfied by just reporting about corruption but equally important requirement is media’s persistence in reporting a specific case to its logical end.”

    What is the outcome of Jemina reported case? I would appreciated if you, Dorji could show me.

    The legal provisions have been overlooked, people were threatened if voiced, manipulations to benefit the Company has been undertaken and Tenzin Lamsang has been bought by PDP. Thats all!

  18. I cannot understand why the OL does not link the corruption in the health sector to the former minister Sangay Nidup. If Lyonpo Yeshi Zimba is responsible for what happened in 1987, why not Sangay Nidup responsible for what happened in the health sector in the recent decades? Has Tenzin Lamzang been bribed by the PDP leaders to investigate the DPT leaders for political reasons? Or, are we to believe that no PDP leaders have been corrupt in their former jobs? I’m not a DPT member, but I find most meadia personnels against the government. The most media cover only the weakness that may be 30 percent and neglect the other 70 percent of success.

  19. Thats called the symptom of LDC (least developing country). No appreciation at all on what other have done. I think we should appreciate Tenzin Lamsangs bold mind and encourage him to bring up more such cases otherwise such cases are left beneath the carpet only and other newspapers are publishing only few corruption cases were cashers, accountant etc… are involve n not the cases that involved high officials. Whether the case is anti-DPT or anti-PDP as long as it involves corruption, it should be uncovered. Everyone is welcome to uncover cases like this rather then shouting here and trying to find mistakes on good thing that Tenzin Lamsang is doing for public. Come on guyz…this is the best way to combat corruption and lets encourage THE BHUTANESE… Well done Tenzin Lamsang!!!!!!

  20. Indeed, it is worrying trend that DPT cannot sack Vice President even though he is spoiling the image of party. It is also more worying as a supporter of DPT that why isn’t Chang Ugyen resigning in moral ground.
    Having said that it is also worrying trend how much PDP and supporters invest in launching many newspaper to politicise the issues.

  21. I voted DPT because of JYT. Public deserves to be explained rather than keeping quite and defending their party members. If JYT also wants to stand in power with the support of people like Chang Ugyen then we need to rethink. JYT; be who you are?

  22. tenzin wangmo says

    JYT supporting Chang Ugyen is expected. He is corrupt himself. Gyelpozing land case. GNH centre in Bumthang where he owns 33 acres of land acquired at peanuts from some poor villagers. Have lost all faith in JYT and his double-faced acting.

  23. dungsamkota says

    Pelden Drukpa is being rhetorical. He has answered his own question. I am not a PDP fan, but I think there is nothing to expose about Lyonpo Sangay or the PDP. All that has to be exposed has been done during the election campaign by the DPT. How can you blame him for his days in health ministry as past is past.

    It may be true that if you check the background of owners of papers that PDP supporters provide financial support to Business Bhutan and the Bhutanese. I dont know what is stopping the DPT from propping up their own paper if they want.

  24. I think linking lamsang with PDP is a load of bull. If you guys remember on this same site a post by lamsang is still there where he threatens to take ol to court. Dungsam kota get your facts right, PDP supporters finance and own Bhutan Times not business bhutan or lamzangs paper

  25. lamsang is a national hero, we should give him the druk thuksey for his servicse to the nation. i don’t think it is fair to link him with any party. he has written crtical stuff against all including PDP and DPT.

  26. Dungsamkota,

    Haha, so you think that LSN exploiting innocent girls while he was the education minister is fine and should be forgotten, I for one certainly don’t subscribe to your views. In fact, may be it is time to take this story further and ask the OL as to what he was doing when his boss was sowing his wild oats in eastern Bhutan when they were, ironically on a career counselling tour and whether he too was doing what his ex president was doing. The fact that he condoned such behavior from LSN means that he has no moral authority to even be in politics and definitely not a leader of a political party.

    It is time for our crusader Lamsang to expose such incidents of exploitation too, instead of just continuing to write bad about the DPT.

  27. As for Chang Ugen, it is time that he is stripped off all posts he holds in the DPT party and kicked out. Maybe, this exposé done by Lamsang is a blessing in disguise for the DPT as they can now throw this trouble maker out. The DPT just can’t afford to have the shadow of this corrupt guy hanging around when the next elections come around which is not a too far off.

    In regard to him illegally acquiring land, the law must be allowed to take its own course and he should be locked up if found guilty.

  28. tenzin wangmo says

    So without chag ugyen, DPT would be clean? What about Gyelpozhing where PM, speaker and most of the cabinet ministers have lands? What about Bhutan lottery, health, and many many corruption cases. DPT seems to be rotten to the core.

  29. lost faith n trust in this government….people elected them because of their lip service now Tenzin Lamsang is a real hero proving the public how much corrupted this government is, but stil some people are with DPTs lip service. Please bring more of such cases Tenzin Lamsang…..zero tolerance to corruption…huh very funny…..
    Regarding LSN, if one is right then i wonder why one is shouting here only without any proof. If one is right and have a mind to expose such issue then do it rather then asking others to do……with full proof like Tenzin Lamsang is doing…

  30. Guardian says

    I am not in the newspaper business but Lamsang is and hence it is to his benefit to show that he is not biased, as for proving what LSN did, obviously it would be foolish of me to reveal myself and take him to court. You more than anything else should know that such things just don’t work, but I can say with absolute certainty that he is guilty as charged, no one in his right mind would make up such stories just to malign someone else. If what has been said is not true, than why is the OL not refuting anything.

    As for corruption in the MOH, I think all this cronyism which has led to where the MOH is now can be blamed on LSN. I welcome any story written by Lamsang if he is genuinely interested in uprooting corruption, but as an owner of a newspaper he has the moral responsibility to be fair, which he, unfortunately is not.

  31. newcomer says

    Guardian wrote: “he has no moral authority to even be in politics and definitely not a leader of a political party”.

    I think it would be interesting to see what the majority Bhutanese people have to say on this by way of the people’s verdict?

    Since Lamsang’s newspaper journalism integrity seems to be heading to its lowest ebb, and as such, suffering a serious beating in the eyes of the people through his recently owned ‘The Bhutanese’, therefore, in its all fairness, it would do justice if BBS Dawa could capture this Guardian’s statement here as the Debate Title for his popular “People’s Voice” show on one of the coming Sundays and see how people view this.

  32. If you think it would be foolish of u to reveal and take LSN to court if you are true, then you are more foolish shouting and going around the thing which have no proof at all and asking others to do..
    Its better to appreciate atleast what others are doing or have done which ourselve can’t do rather than searching edges from the egg.

  33. People can so easily comment on work done by our journalist and politicians…

    If you think you all can do better, than opportunity is there for everyone… instead of wining like a old b….

  34. Guardian says


    Good try but I am surely not biting your bait, as I said earlier, the stories about LSNs misdeeds were well documented and discussed in some other forums, if we are to believe otherwise the onus is on them to prove that all the stories were fabricated.

    I have my reasons to believe that all those tales were true, now why don’t you tell as to why you think they were all made up just to malign his image. Is it because he has not been taken to court, haha, if you think on those lines, then it is unfortunate that you are far removed from the ground realities in Bhutan. Our system is such, that no one would be able to take such a powerful person as him to court and it was for those very reasons that he exploited his position to indulge in such behavior.

  35. Guardian,

    If whatever u mentioned regarding LSN is true then show ur face to public like Tenzin Lamsang is doing. Don’t blame on system saying no one can surface out misbehave or fraud in which powerful people are involved. If there is no system then what Tenzin Lamsang is doing, is he exceptional from the system?? He is having a proof and he is doing for the benefit of nation and surfacing out such corruption committed by all high influential people, whether you say he is linking with PDP or DPT.
    And i can’t believe about LSN because I am not like you believing whatever people says in forum to spoil the image of people whom they don’t like without having any proof that is why they are shouting in the forum as their identity is hidden, and they can write anything they want and create any kind of story they like.
    For ur information it is not necessary that you need to be in newspaper business to fight for your right but you need complete proof like Tenzin Lamsang, if you have those then go ahead and charge him/anyone..many newspaper will be there to publish your good deed and many people will appreciate you if u can do that…that i can assure you. If you can’t do that then at least appreciate what other (Tenzing Lamsang) is doing rather then trying to find edge from the egg as i mentioned already. And don’t try to be foolish believing whatever people says in the forum under hidden identity.

  36. Guardian says


    I am not an idiot like you to reveal myself and if you don’t believe what I have written, why don’t you prove what I am saying is a fallacy. The ball is in your court and the more you defend LSN with no logic, the worse it will be for him. So don’t make it more difficult for the OL and your ex president.

  37. Guardian,
    I certainly accept the noble thoughts of Gangkar, please dont be so personal as if, you are one among them.
    You may claim not to be an idiot, so do a theif, shall never say so………. but its very obvious that you are all against LSN.
    (Who is no more in the politics, he got wht he deserved and people gave their verdict in the last election).
    And its a forum where the voices are raised regarding Chang Ugay. You are heading to a no conclusion direction and onething i say you at last that you may get lost if you make your way this way.

  38. Tashi Dhendup says

    rNyalborpa has made a stinging and vicious attack on Tenzing Lamsang and the paper ‘The Bhutanese’ for the launch story on the DPT Vice presidents land scam on some website called kuzuzangp. He or she has accused the paper and Lamsang of being funded by forces intent on destabilizing democracy and his sole evidence is pointing to his articles in Business Bhutan. He has accused Lamsang of being a puppet and said that Lamsang has only bad things to right about Bhutan questioning the patriotism of this writer.

    rNyalborpa is undoubtedly a DPT loyalist whose puppet master JYT has taught him or her well. The allegations of rNyalborpa is close to what the PM had to say on the story and the writer uses the same fear tactics that JYT is well known for.

    Case and point in 2008 DPT won the entire elections based on JYTs fear tactics on the dangers of democracy (funny that he now swears by it) and also on the slogan ‘Pha doesa bu and bu doesa tsao’ which was a not so subtle hint targeting yab’s land loving ways.

    This was while JYT and half his cabinet including now his vice president was also involved in land grabbing. All the while his party used effectively land grabbing as a fear tactic against yab. A worried Bhutanese populace who initially did not want democracy lapped both messages up, not knowing that the very people sending the message were also land grabbers themselves.

    Sun-tsu had written ‘the art of war’ but JYT should write a separate volume on ‘the art of using fear’ or even better ‘the art of accusing others of what you are guilty of’.

    Since Lamsang cannot be accused of land grabbing the old war drums and fear tactics of ‘ democracy being in danger’ and too modify the 2008 slogan ‘funded by puppeteers’ is being used against him.

    This decrepit post that even a teenage girl who loves mills and boons would dismiss as fantasy writing is attempting to dent the credibility of someone who has time and again taken on the powerful in the interests of us ordinary folks (good luck on that one).

    Lamsang is a no nonsense and brave journalist who has led a lonely crusade against corruption in this country and greatly strengthened Bhutanese democracy.
    He has shown light in the darkest corners and flung open doors of dark rooms that needed light.

    Dark Rooms in which ordinary Bhutanese citizens were being taken to so that their rights and dignity could be strangled.

    Dark rooms in which land was being grabbed from the meek by the powerful while most of us can’t even afford the high rents.

    Dark rooms in which the jobs and promotions of deserving people taken away by nepotism perpetrated by this same bunch.

    Dark rooms in which the health of Bhutanese patients were being compromised so that a few could make some bucks.

    Dark rooms in which the system is raped and strangled by a powerful few

    Dark rooms in which our minds were trapped and chained to fear authority and do every demeaning task assigned to us.

    According to Nyalborpa we should keep these dark rooms shut so that those inside can continue to be abused and anyone who dares opens the door is attacking the modesty of the Bhutanese people.

    However, Lamsang has no doubt made powerful enemies and there will be vendetta. One example is articles by DPT stooges like Nyalborpa that either must have been typed in the Prime Minister’s office or the DPT party office by hired hacks.

    I voted for DPT in the last elections as I truly believed in JYT but now I feel ashamed to be associated with a party that is doing exactly what it preached against.

    Nyalborpa’s logic is amazing. You are a patriotic Bhutanese as long as you grab land from the poor, take away others jobs and promotions through nepotism and practice corruption at such a scale that it can cripple the country. However, the moment anybody raises their voice against it then they become ‘un-Bhutanese’.

  39. Guardian,
    Yeah its logic to believe whatever people says in the forum with hidden identity without any proof, and you are brilliant that you know how to hide and shout without any logic like a rat in a hole. No fool will be there to dig the issue you raised as no fool will be there to believe like you.
    Here I stop my argument with you (guardian) because its not right to argue with you here plus from the way you are responding everyone can clearly say what type of person you are. With that I apologize to OL and others here for going beyond the main topic of discussion.

  40. Nyamgawaitosa says

    DPT will be happy to have someone as venomous as you out of its ranks, Tashi Dhendup. BY the same token, you seem to be none other than Lamsang himself or one of his props. Your write-up clearly indicates where you stand. So don’t give that standard ‘next time no-vote business.’ DPT will be better off without your vote.

  41. Some ppl have accused ‘The Bhutanese’ of being pro PDP but their latest issue has a big story on yab’s ‘phobjika case’ not being decided upon by the high court whih is delaying any verdict. Bravo as no other paper has dared touch this story in the longest time.
    i for one don’t believe that a ‘PDP’ friendly paper would have covered this issue.
    It is just a lame excsue of the govt that is trying to cover its tracks.

    the question now is what will the govt do about chang ugyens case. the bhutanese has proven that it can attcak PDP also so now the ball is in the govts court to prove if they are pro or anti corruption.

  42. its not at all fair.A few possessions of packet of Tobacco by poor land up in lock up for years whereas people who are accused of million worth and deceiving government on tampering of government records are remain unpunished.our constitution is one of the exemplary constitution in the entire world. so lets not spoil the value of our constitution and lest stick to it and execute without any lapses.

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