The art of politics

Dasho Gado Tshering is taking the art of politics to new heights. The former health secretary resigned last year “… on moral grounds after an ACC investigation revealed serious lapses in the procurement of GOI-funded medical equipment before 2008.” A few months later he announced that he would join politics. He has said that his decision to join politics was at the behest of the people of Haa. And he has insisted, consistently, that the people of his constituency will decide which party he will join.

Dasho Gado Tshering is popular in Haa. So most people believe that he will win from his constituency, regardless of which party he joins. That has led to a spate of rumors about him joining DMT, DNT, and, most recently, Druk Chirwang Tshogpa. But last week, he put the rumors to rest. He announced that the people of upper Haa want him to join the ruling party, Druk Phuensum Tshogpa. “… as of now, people of upper Haa have DPT in their mind,” he told Kuensel.

If Dasho Gado wants to join DPT, that’s his business. And if DPT wants to give him a ticket for 2013, or has already promised one, that’s their business. Never mind that they still have a serving member of parliament. The art of politics is, after all, the art of the possible.

But Dasho Gado should not blame the people of Haa for his decision to join DPT. He should not put words in their mouths. And he should not make it seem that the people of Haa have decided to continue supporting the ruling party.

The people of Haa have not yet decided. But they will do so soon enough, in the elections next year. In the meantime no one should preempt that decision merely for the purposes of political advantage.


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  1. Ha..ha..ha.hahaha…HAAPS…two haaps make one fool… so it is ok la with you being the other half..

  2. I don’t think Dasho Gato is preempting anything at all. He had informal discussions with his people and the people told him so. The people have the right to express their views and Tasho his his right to put in the media.

  3. Kelzang Dawa says

    Health Ministry was one of the most corrupted Ministry, and I allege that this could have been the report during Dr. Gado’s term. Now, talking politics, it seems that the people of Haa are misguided by speculating that they support DPT. As concerned voter, the people of respective constituencies should not nominate their party, which I believe that they never did. After all, politics is politics! People are not fool and they cannot be lured easily by mere politics and make them drink the water from the river of your choice.The have mandate to choose the party they favor, and this adult franchise cannot be snatched by any charisma. If they have chosen DPT, they must be also aware of some of the crisis that plagued the nation during the tenure of DPT.
    So, Dr. Gado might me good at the art of politics, but the art should come with good motivation and intention, not only to revive the status and hungry after power..

  4. Dasho Gado is trying to play safe here. If he wants to join the party that people of his constituency wants him to join, he is a crooked politician already. It means, he doesn’t have a party that satisfies his attachment. It means he has got no principles, no ideals, no manifestos to relate with, no ideologies to identify with, – that makes him a Jack Ass. For him, winning is important, no other things matter. He is very cunning indeed. He left the health system in a mess, he ran away from it not on moral but on selfish grounds. And he wants to join politics, hoping to win, hoping to become a health minister, and hoping to put the health back into deep trouble. No party should give him a ticket.

  5. every member, both DPT and PDP who contested 2008 election said that people from their constituencies wanted them to stand and contest the election..They fought on this note and, some lost and some won in the process….So, what is wrong in Dr. Gado saying that people wants him to contest and people prefer DPT…He never said that everyone from his contingency wants him to contest and join DPT.. Every other candidates can say the same thing. This looks more of nit-politicking!!!!

  6. I don’t find anything wrong in people of Ha supporting Dasho Gado to join DPT. What is the use of joining a party for which the people do not have support. After all, the people are the voters and politicians need votes. Every constituency has the right choose its candidate for the party of their choice. PDP cannot win by propaganda against DPt. The party should rather strenghten itself. Build yourself stronger before you wait the other to fall.

  7. That was expected from this Corrupted A.. and interestingly joining the corrupted party was expected too.
    It was just a political gimmick la, he is a real politician. I knew him from the time he was serving the ministry and he is known for that.

    Hats off to you Dasho Gado. Now you better tell media that you are joining them seriously, haha…..

  8. One joins a party that manifests your ideals and principles and not any party. That Dr Gado would join any party just proves he doesn’t have any principles and just wants to win at any cost. That is so shallow.
    Dr Gado is also sending hints to the ruling party for a ticket with a veiled threat that his is an assured win by implying that the public chose him as the DPT candidate, never mind that there is already a serving DPT MP from the same constituency. This is so cheap.
    Without any sort of election or poll how can he be so sure. In 2008 most of the PDP candidates were assured of a win by their constituencies but the actual vote count proved otherwise.
    If I were DPT, PDP, DMT, DCT or DNT I would think twice about giving Dr Gado a ticket because he lacks any honor, principle or conscience.

  9. Yes he is playing safe. It is also smacks of opportunism. Win is what he is looking for. He seems to have no principle.Even after being a secretary he cannot make judgement himself! He is making his people as his excuse to join a party. How he be a good leader?

  10. When Dasho Gado resigned on moral grounds, everyone praised him for his integrity and everyone remarked that he is an ideal person. Now, when he is found to be supporting DPT, you all are changing the tune. In fact, this blog actually brings the politics to a new height. If PDP really needs to shine especially in the wake of other stronger parties emerging, the attitude must change dramatically. People are not only reading this forum, but also analysing your views. So, be mindful of your comments.

  11. Which party Dasho Gadho joins is his own choice. How he makes his own choice is also his own choice.

    As a experienced policy makers and public servant, he must have consulted people. If People of Haa support DPT, it is because most visible development are in village for for village. Take for instance road to every gewog, electricity to every rural household, drinking water has improved and there is also G2C.

    That is what people rural expect most. DPT knows where there support lies. That is politics.

    On other hand OL seems to be hysterical…… OL seems to be worried that even most one of the most well-known people join DPT which already is a strong party…

    Yes, he has reason to worry because DPT has all leverage at hands to convince voters while others have only talking 2 do…

  12. No body can accused Dasho Gado for his political intention. He is well within the rights of any law of the land…This to me was planned not few months and days back. This was even consulted not only with the people of his constituency but he was advised and well corrected by some topmost seniors. When he was resigning, he had only one thing in his mind and that is not to start a medical business. He had pushed up and released his views towards his goal in a very chronological order. He is molding every one that he requires them and seems people are happy and his chances are as high as any other likely contestants. He had absolutely played safe for himself right from the day that he thought of resigning from MoH. Therefore, we can only watch and appreciate the beauty of his way of art of politics.

  13. Hon’ble OL,

    On 28 september you re-tweeted Jignews: “rumor that Dr. Gado Tshering is contesting from Haa in 2013 with PDP” …

    What happened now???

    • Dear Rangdrel,

      Yes, I retweeted @JigsNews. But a couple of hours after that, I tweeted “@JigsNews #fact Dr Gado Tshering is contesting from Haa in 2013 (not with PDP)”


  14. So the crux of the matter is…OL has a problem with anyone and anything related, however remotely, to DPT. That’s height of insecurity!!

    Instead, buckle up! For better or worse, you are the President of PDP now. So get your house in order, strategise for the next election,get your troops in line and get ready for the war-zone! You could do better, Commander!!!

  15. So, from Rangdol’s and OL’s views, we can learn that Dasho Gado changed from PDP to DPT. Was it his own choice or did the people of Ha compel him? Whatsoever, the other political parties should not feel envious about it. Let him play his cards because he has the mandate to do so. I’m sure some of you will again praise and flatter him if he comes to PDP.

  16. enough_is_enough says

    4/5 years of politics and I am already tired of it. There is nothing good for the common man coming out of it.

    There is only politics. There is no democracy. Everyone is greedy, some thirst for power, some for money.

    I long for the day when a person joins politics with a genuine intention to do good for the nation. There are few good people, I only wish they had the qualifications/capabilities to be leaders.

    By the way, when Dasho Gado resigned on moral grounds, I was not one of those applauding his decision. He had plans. I have met more people talking bad of him than good. They can’t all be wrong.

    Parents & teachers, please instill values, principles, ethics, care, compassion in your children. They are our only hope if this nation is to flourish. Maybe one day they can be the GOOD educated leaders that we can only dream of right now.

  17. Beteen the upper Haap (Dr Gado) and the lower Haap (OL), the former is a well respected, intelligent and proven leader and will win ahnds down. He resigned on moral grounds to take responsibility for the failure of the Health Minsitry as a whole and not becasue he was convicted. He has every right to decide what he wants to do and not be cowed by any one. Dr. Gado, you really need to join politics, win and be in the winning party. Good luck!!!

  18. Dr. Gado is an opportunist and has absotlutely no principles whatsoever. He supposedly resigned on moral grounds, but, I’m quite sure that it was part of a scheme to get himself out or the radius of the ACC and for him to keep the option to join politics and that too with the DPT. This proves the suspicions that he had an understanding with the DPT government when he decided to resign. I wonder if people observed that he was one of the senior govt. officers to accompany the PM when he went to Pema Gatsel after his glorious victory
    Dr. Gado was literally nurtured and brought to the highest level of the civil service by LSN the erstwhile Minister of Health. If a person can … go against the person that fed him, the people of Haa and the civil servants who may have to serve under him should he join DPT and win. An opportunist and user with no sense of loyalty will be questionable wherever he joins.

  19. If the people of are content with someone who has no honour, dignity, and self respect, than I have nothing to say as I’m not from the Dzonkhag, but be warned he is a poisonous snake who thinks of himself only.
    I have heard of how he and his wife were literally like servants in the former Health Minister Lyonpo Jigmi Singye’s home. And, when he lost in the election aided by them, they were never heard of again. This speaks tons on the type person that he is and will be for the govt. and the people of Haa.

  20. As a voter and also as a concerned citizen, let me use the opportunity given by OL on this topic. Firstly, when Dr. Gado expressed his views in the media that he will join the party his people tells him to, he has right to do so. In fact who on Earth would join a Party that will not be voted by his constituency? Everyone would like to join a party that will surely bring success. But one indication is that he has no ideology and principles of himself. He is more or less like a tree that moves depending on the direction of the wind. But he is clever and demonstrates the quality of the real politician. He knows how to play the game and he will do well as far as politics is concerned. OL has brought out this topic for discussion and irrespective of the motivation behind, OL has also the right to express his opinion as it concerns the same Dzongkhag where OL is from. Both OL and Dr. Gado are matured public figures and therefore should not take as interference from each other. Irrespective of what the media say, people with principles will vote the people of their choice. If Dr. Gado wins and comes back to Health Ministry as a Minister, he would in fact play a crucial role in solving the problems that he left unsolved. He will know the problem best as he was in Health for so long. People say, despite his habits of doing things underground putting his favorites and his ambassadors in important posts, he is more approachable and less authoritarian. Authoritarian leaders do more harm than good. Leaders should know how to do, not only how to speak and praise themselves of their success and vast experience. I fact good leaders are known for their humility and warmth to subordinates.

  21. Hon’ble OL,
    I would like to concur with Mr./Mrs. Kinga about getting your house in order first. Rather than picking on everything-others, I see it more important for you to build on your party’s strength. Get a good spokesperson first. I guess your members came together to clear the huge debt, and therefore you have a paramount responsibility not to let them down.

  22. Let Dr. Gado go ahead with which ticket he wants to opting for. And by seeing at your post, it seems it will be threat to you. I think you should be ready with your constituency!

  23. I think there is law on elections about all these and election commission should take care of all these issues so that people of Bhutan are not cheated twice.

  24. I am afraid not many Bhutanese leaders including the OL practice integrity but preach. Yet we must choose bad from worst. DNT and DKP who claims their party members are clean is a blatant lie. I have no problem in declaring the senior Bhutanese leaders as being tainted because our system allowed it. My only hope is that we can now make them accountable. But we all should do it responsibly, we can’t dwell too much in the past that we forget to live the present and fail to plan our future. The media must do its work responsibly, we all must. Professionalism in every profession including the media, housekeeping, administration,etc. is much needed in our society.

  25. honourable OL is being cynical here…..
    OL should frame himself on the positive notes of his party rather than playing games on others.
    plez. stop it laa

  26. It is fortunate for OL that Dr. Gado is not from Lower Haa. It would have been the end of politics for OL otherwise. Anyway, PDP must be extra careful now that other parties are gaining popularity everywhere. I hope the party secretary Y. Tamang learns to speak Dzongkha, our national language before anything else.

  27. Dr. Gado is a politician through and through. Corrupt guy also backstabber. He betrayed the trust of the man who made him and he will betray the people of Haa when it suits him. He cares for no one but himself. People of Haa please vote wisely. He will do what he does best. You will be used to elevate his status and then you will be discarded! How can you trust a man with no loyalty?

  28. So much trust was placed in the ACC but how they handle cases have resulted in some of us loosing complete faith in them. One example I will cite here which is to do with MoH.

    When a BG vehicle was caught red handed loading construction material probably worth millions, when JDWNR hospital was being constructed, and transporting to DrGado’s construction site the ACC took out only a reprimand letter to that effect. However when the ACC caught a MoH driver selling s government vehicle part worth Nu.500 only he was terminated without benefits.

    This speaks a lot about our ACC.

    After doctors made trips to China and Germany ACC are charging them for corruption. How could they do that when they know the doctors trip abroad was approved by the committee chairperson who was none other than DrGado. Instead of supporting the doctors and taking the blame he resigns on moral ground leaving the doctors to face the wrath of the ACC.

  29. That is why Dasho(Dr.) Gado resigned on moral grounds and will come back as the health minister in the coming new government and who knows he could become the next PM after the 2018 elections as he has the political leadership capability. You all can wait and watch.

  30. That is also the very reason why he probably will face the same faith as his predecessor DrJigme Singay. The MoH people will certainly ensure that and that is why political parties have to be cautious in selecting their candidates.

    When I heard the rumor he may join PDP I was honesty very surprised. Without any doubt from the very day he resigned I was certain he would join the present ruling party. How else was he allowed to resigned so easily. RCSC does not allow civil servants to resign very easily and yet using ‘on moral ground’ he did. Bhutan is a small country and we have to admit everyone knows what is happening to everyone. How else would a mongarpa lyonpo lose in election from mongar?

  31. The biggest mistake DPT is about to make, if the rumor mills prove to be true, is to rope in Dr.Gadho as one of their candidates and if he wins to offer him the post of the Health Minister. Everyone knows that the massive corruption cases that have come to light in the MOH happened under his very watch and so it is impossible to believe that he was not involved in most of those scams that have been unearthed, a quick audit of his assets will prove a lot of things. All those who lauded him for resigning on moral grounds have been taken for a ride, he only resigned because his position as the Health Secretary had become untenable. That he is being protected by powerful forces is a given, the fact that other officials in the MOH are in the dock while he is scott free proves this amply.

    Before it is too late, I urge the PM and the senior DPT office bearers not to touch Dr.Gadho with a barge pole. Having him as a member of the DPT will be a liability and will only impact the party negatively.

    For the larger good of the DPT, I hope saner minds prevail.

  32. Dear OL,

    It is clear that you don’t want to see any of my posts, so much for freedom of speech that you seem to champion.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity of writing on your blog, I had a super time.

    I would also like to wish you and the PDP all the best for the 2013 elections and hope that your party does much better than in 2008.

  33. Voter,

    Are you sure Dr.Gadho is going to solve the problems that he left unsolved, don’t you think he was part of the problem and not the solution.

    If you really believe so, please qualify your views?

  34. mud slinging says

    what is te problem if dr. gado wants to join any party.. he is qualified, capable…. let the ballots decide.. not the ffolish bulltes on the social media us here…. all the luck o him…

  35. What’s happened to the corruption scams of the MoH that the ACC were working on? Anyone has any idea where it has reached?
    Patients are suffering because doctors are attending the Court I believe. Please solve the case fast and let the culprits be punished for their crimes and let the doctors return to their work soon.

  36. Guardian,
    The one who is involved in the case knows better than anyone. That is the reason I said he may be able to solve the problem. The irony is he will come back and be responsible to correct the mistakes made. Why should others be held responsible for things that they did not do any wrong.

  37. Guardian, one who created the problem should be responsible for solving them. Why should someone be held responsible for a problem created by others. That is why I said so…. not that he has the magic to solve the problems that even cannot be dissolved by acid……

  38. Voter,

    Apologies, maybe I did not understand your earlier post, now I get what you meant, cheers.

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