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Dramekha, Ngatsena and Thangdokha are three villages perched precariously on the steep slopes of a mountain opposite Dorokha, Denchukha and Dumtoe.

Dramekha, Ngatsena and Thangdokha were, until recently, part of Mayona Gewog under Samtse. In 2007, these three villages and several equally remote villages of Dumtoe (Samtse) and Samar (Haa) were combined to form the kingdom’s newest gewog, Gakiling.

Dramekha, Ngatsena and Thangdokha hold the disagreeable distinction of being among the poorest villages in Bhutan.

They also hold the most unfortunate record of never having had a dzongdag visit them. That’s correct: no dzongdag has ever visited these villages, never when they were part of Samtse, and not since they became part of Haa. That is, not till today. Earlier today, Dasho Karma Weezir, the Haa Dzongdag, crossed a make-shift cane bridge over the Amochu, completed an arduous trek uphill, and, just as dusk was settling in, became the first dzongdag to ever visit the three forgotten villages.

The simple residents of Dramekha, Ngatsena and Thangdokha are overjoyed that their dzongdag has finally visited them. I joined them in welcoming the CEO of our dzongkhag. And in congratulating him.

Dasho Karma Weezir became Haa Dzongdag in May 2009.


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  1. Dasho Dzongdha chok lu nga lay Tashi Delek and Jenpa Lekso shu ni la. I am proud to be a Haap and I am proud to have OL and Dasho Dzongdha as our light. I dont understand why the Media does not cover up the stories f our OL and Dasho Dzongdags Trip to Haa. Are they too busy doing the coverage of the lyonchen.

    Come on Chimmi Dorji (reporter and producer for ha and paro region) Pull up your socks.

  2. Hats Off to Dasho Karma for visiting those three neglected villages

  3. I had the fortunate occasion of visiting Gasa in December 2008 when Dasho Karma Weezir was the Dzongda there. I can believe his visits to the Haa villages and have great confidence in his leadership. I remember him saying that he was embarrassed he had a huge compound in Gasa when there were others with accommodation problem. That thought itself said a lot about him. He occurred to me as a very down to earth humble kind compassionate empathetic human being. I also observed how good he was to his staff. I wish him and his very active wife the best in life and profession.

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