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 NA Question hour
Opposition questions government on collapsed bridge, road to Gasa, security in Sarpang and domestic airports
Kuensel; 15 February 2013

Early wrap-up for assembly?
Opposition party against early dissolution of National Assembly
Kuensel; 9 February 2013

Bhutan’s press freedom ranking drops
OL on why Bhutan’s press freedom ranking has dropped
The Bhutanese; 6 February 2012

Bhutan’s apolitical political parties
On performance of opposition party
The Bhutanese; 30 January 2013

PDP celebrates Druk Thuksey award
Kuensel; 14 January 2013

The Opposition Party is primed for the contest
Status of PDP’s candidates for 2013
Kuensel; 29 December 2012

Druk Miser Nazhoen Tshogpa joins PDP
On PDP’s youth wing
The Bhutanese; 21 December 2013

Social media savvy politicians
MP Sangay Khandu and OL talk about social media and politics
Kuensel; 19 December 2012

Politics – catching up with technology
Social media and politics
Kuensel; 19 December 2012

“PM has no respect for opposition party”
Opposition MP on PM’s reaction to OL
The Bhutanese; 17 November 2012

Government’s UNSC bid and foreign policy has damaged Bhutan’s national interest
Opposition party responds to PM’s attack
The Bhutanese; 17 November 2012

Deeply concerned with Bhutan’s foreign policy
OL on government’s failed UNSC bid
The Bhutanese; 19 October 2012

Public dismay over OAG report
Political parties respond to OAG’s decision to drop ACC’s Gyelpozhing charges
The Bhutanese; 21 September 2012

Galloping PDP horse now trots …
On the new PDP logo
The Bhutanese; 7 September 2012

It’s ECB’s business, not DPT’s
OL responds to PM’s calls that PDP should be disqualified
The Bhutanese; 1 August 2012

Not everyone agrees with the Tshogpon
Opposition MPs do not support proposal to make MP GNH Ambassador for Life
The Bhutanese; 12 July 2012

Land Bill 2012 set aside for the next Parliament
OL on why Land Act does not need revision
The Bhutanese; 5 July 2012

Set aside for the next Parliament
OL against revising Land Act
Kuensel; 4 July 2012

Cooking a nutritious solution
OL questions Education Minister on nutrition in schools
Kuensel; 4 July 2012

Education City finally gets its act
But opposition party votes against it!
Kuensel; 29 June 2012

PDP misses deadline, requests ECB for extension
OL confirms requesting ECB for extension to clear liabilities
The Bhutanese; 29 June 2012

Green tax slashed to 20%
Opposition MPs against incomplete deliberations on Tax Revision Bill
Kuensel; 28 June 2012

Entire nation is responsible for INR
Opposition members ask who should take responsibility for rupee crisis
The Bhutanese; 21 June 2012

Who in the government is accountable
OL asks finance minister who should take responsibility for rupee crisis
Kuensel; 20 June 2012

Gyalposhing land scam under the scanner yet again
Ruling party MP accuses OL of disrupting the harmony
BBS; 19 June 2012

Hours of heated exchange to no avail
NA discusses Gyalposhing land case
Kuensel; 19 June 2012

MPs gibe at opposition leader for raising petty issues
Ruling party MPs attack OL
Business Bhutan; 16 June 2012

Petty and personal
Editorial on MPs making personal attacks on OL
Bhutan Times; 16 June 2012

From a lease to a sale
Opposition party objects to government’s proposal to sell land that is leased to Trowa Theatre
Kuensel; 16 June 2012

From asparagus exports by air to the PM’s absence
OL questions government on restrictions on export of produce through Kolkata airport
Kuensel; 16 June 2012

OL gets the heat
MPs attack OL for questioning absence of ministers in National Assembly
The Bhutanese; 15 June 2012

OL’s question to PM cut-off
Questions OL didn’t get to ask
The Bhutanese; 13 June 2012

PDP on an optimistic path
SG talks about registration of members and party debt
The Bhutanese, 8 June 2012

PDP not just a show horse
On status of PDP
The Bhutanese; 30 May 2012

PDP MP Damcho Dorji with PDP
Dasho Damcho Dorji explains that he is confident that PDP will make it to the general elections. However, if PDP does not, he reserves the right to join another party.
The Bhutanese, 23 May 2012

PDP’s ideology: Wangtse Chirphel
PDP elects president; unveils ideology
Kuensel, 21 May 2012

PDP convention to elect president
The Bhutanese; 19 May 2012

PDP stalwart rules the roost in his constituency
Sombaykha residents on their MP
Business Bhutan; 05 May 2012

What’s cooking in the political pot
On how PDP, DPT and new parties are faring
Kuensel; 2 May 2012

100km, 82 cyclists, Nu170,000
Dantak, Thimphu-Paro-Thimphu bike race: OL wins master’s category
Kuensel; 30 April 2012

Talking democracy on social media
MPs on social media
Business Bhutan; 28 April 2012

Opposition leader will rather ride with the horse than fly with the cranes
OL on party matters
Business Bhutan; 7 April 2012

OL questions the government on rupee crisis
BBS, 2 April 2012

Lighthearted talk on democracy, youth and responsibilities
OL’s visit to RTC
Business Bhutan, 31 March, 2012

Politics without the grant
OL and MPs on CDG
Kuensel; 10 March 2012

Dropped for time being
OL on Constituency Development Grant
Kuensel; 3 March 2012

Parties call for ACC probe into land scam
The Bhutanese; 25 February 2012

The state of the People’s Democratic Party
OL talks about the PDP
Kuensel, 11 February 2012

Unanimous approval for Education City bill
Opposition party votes against the bill
Kuensel, 18 January 2012

Discussion on disaster management raises a small storm in the assembly
OL questions government’s response to 18 September earthquake
BBS, 17 January 2012

Many talks, little progress
OL calls for change in government strategy to resolve Bhutan-China border
Kuensel; 14 January 2012

Task force to tackle crisis
OL questions government on rupee crisis
Kuensel, 11 January 2012

OL has PM material
Bhutan Today, 05 December 2011

Not hungry to lead
Bhutan Today, 28 November 2011

Opposition questions tshogpa’s salary raise
Bhutan Observer, 19 November 2011

Legalize abortion
Bhutan Today, 6 August 2011

PDP comeback (?)
Business Bhutan, 30 July 2011

How Democracy is Evolving in Bhutan
PRI’s The World; 22 June 2011 (Play the audio piece at the end of the article)

Remembering The “Duo That Does”
iamDrukpa; 24 May 2001

The Facebook phenomenon – OL speaks of the growing clout social media enjoys in mostly e-illiterate Bhutan
Kuensel; 26 May 2011

Penalty too stiff says the opposition leader
Monk receives stiff penalty under Tobacco Control Act
BBS; 5 March 2011

Billion $ education city under scanner
OL raises concerns on the government’s education city project
Business Bhutan; 10 April 2010

OL visits disaster affected areas
Eastern Bhutan earthquake
Bhutan Observer; 16 November 2009
Education quizzed in Q-hour
Local education policies must be decided by local governments
Kuensel; 14 January 2009

HM bestows dar on opposition leader
Kusensel, 18 June 2008

No woman minster
OL disappointed that the DPT cabinet has no women
Kuensel; 16 April 2008

Meet the opposition leader
Kuensel; 9 April 2008



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