Eye of the Buddha

Sacred body parts

Sacred body parts

I’m impressed at the response to the “What in our world” challenge I posted yesterday. Your answers were interesting and varied. They ranged from the imaginative (Tshewang Nidup: “…this is the symbol of the sun and the moon”) to the wishful (Phub Dorji Wang: “Eye of our Fouth Druk Gyalpo, His Majesty Jigme Singye Wangchuck”). One used the opportunity to express frustration (Sonam Tshering: “Megatron, the evil leader of deception”), while another was filled with adulation (Postman: “Genghis Khan”).

Most of you got the answer: the iconographic eye of Lord Buddha. But, only two knew that it belonged to the world’s tallest statue of the Buddha being built in Kuensel Phodrang, above Thimphu, by Lam Tshering Wangdi.

So we have joint winners: P. Chhetri and Romeo. Please send me your addresses so that I can mail you your prize, “Portrait of a Leader”. For everyone else, the book, a compilation of His Majesty the Fourth Druk Gyalpo’s decrees, can be downloaded for the Centre for Bhutan Studies’ website!

The picture, by the way, was taken several months ago. These parts of the Buddha are currently being assembled.


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  1. is this the world’s tallest statue of Buddha. I had a debate over this fact…i was told the tallest buddha statue exists somewhere in China…

    • The buddha in China is the one engraved/carved out on a sheer cliff side and not a stand alone statue. There is one in lantau island – Honkong and another one in Bodhgaya, both huge ones. But I think, our Buddha is taller and bigger and definitely sitting higher than any buddha statue that I know in the world. WE ALL SHOULD BE VERY GRATEFUL TO THE LAMA Dont know his name) who is initiating & creating this wonderful icon in Bhutan. The national assembly members should make a site visit there to show their support on behalf of the nation. Wouldn’t you all agree .

  2. P Chhetri says

    As am pusrsuing my futher studies abroad, i would like the prize to be delivered to one of my friend’s adress in Bhutan..
    Purna B. Chhetri
    c/o Chura Mani Dhimal.
    Engineering Section.
    National Housing and Development Corporation.MoWHS. Thimphu.

    • WOW – I am also a winner. Just made a wild guess. I have never been up to the site. Must visit there to see it.

      • OL la,

        Could I have my prize autographed by the author and I will collect it from you someday when it is convenient after it is autographed.

        Thanks la,

      • You want it autographed? and by none other than the distinguished author? OK, I’ll try. And you want it addressed to Romeo?

      • I am glad i didnt vote says

        Good job signor. Hola!!!
        I think this forum is very useful especially for the people who care for the society. Thanks buddy Tshering Tobs.

  3. Tallest buddha in the world in Bhutan is exciting anf it feels only right that Bhutan should have it… the purpose I am not sure…but I won;t say much about it. I do have a concern – guess every one has these days anyway/
    “Constitution is not a stick” , an article by the Kuensel was very interesting. It is very interesting to note that people do interpret the it in very different ways.

    it is definitely not a stick. It is reference- a precious guidance that will allow the govt and the people to make the right decisions not only for the present but for the future as well. It is a scared document that, made, makes and will continue to make Bhutan a unique country in the world. I don’t see why its so diffficult to respect it. Calling it a stick is bigger disrespect.

  4. Purna.. this is talmut.. congratulations.. hahahaa,, nice guess. cya around.. keep it up.. and let the comments rolling..

  5. I still did not get over for what had happened in the NA hall. MPs are personally attacking OL. The words of Dasho Tshering Penjor and Dasho Pasang Thenele were a great blow to the OL, when our OL is just doing the work of the Opposition. It did not only hurt or OL but the whole nation. I dont even want to let my kids watch the session where people misbehave. Few years back when the members were selected from the villages, things like this happen, but that at that time members were mostly illitrate and we dont balme them cuz they have to eat usuing their mouth. (Kha gu kay di Za gho). I never expected such people would exist specailly after the election Comission has that qualification citira. I feel ashamed that these people still exist and I am sorry that I would not adress them as Dashos anymore. I have a big Tashi Delek to the Misisters because even though they did attack the OL, its only through point by point and there was a way to attack not like scolding your kid at home.

    Dear OL please go through any books and see if you can drag these people to the court for the Bad kunchay Namsha they had. They are not attacking the OL but they have a personal grudge to our big bro Massive. Please do not back off. Even if you lose your chair please fix up these guys so that no pleople would repeat this in future specially when the opposition is very weak. It would be okay for now because you are strong but who knows. after 5 or ten years we might have very weak opposition and these kind of guys might bully. GO OL GO.

    • Linda la,

      I would say there is no need to retaliate in this manner. No need to stoop that low. These MP’s have already dug their grave of ill fame by merely making this mistake in the NA session. I can assure you and I am sure most will agree that they did not win by doing this BUT such an act has actually elevated the OL to greater heights. I must say these MP’s have already lost the battle by resorting to such behaviour. Let’s look at these MP’s with pity and compassion and I am sure OL has forgiven and they have drawn valuable lessons. Change will come across them – just keep watching.

  6. Congrats Purna!!! Taus here..

  7. Lyonchen JYT knows how he felt and why he walked away from the hall during one session when chimis like Sangay and sigay talked about prados

    • Ironically – OL stood there like a rock. Way to go man….face the ugly music till the sweet tones flow by default.

  8. I can absolutely smell the democratic freedom in Bhutan. MP like Tshering Penjor just try to create havoc out of nothing, infact DPT’s decision on banning the live telecast could be because of individuals like him. I know Tshering Penjor back from the school days, he is known as “Tao” named after one of Amrish Puri’s character in a bollywood film. And I am telling you, deep inside, its all empty there, it just makes me sick that he is one of our lawmaker today. Anyways, he might just try to create a scene in NA, it was expected. Even if OL said good things about the DPT govt, he would still stand and attack OL, as rumours says that MP Sangay and TP had plans to attack OL on that day, no matter what, so don’t be surprised. TP shouldn’t be too proud of himself, as we all know the fact, how he won the last election, it was on the basis of “IF” if SG, if Yab, if they, people were way too confused, but not anymore. OL we will stand by you no matter what, so we expect you to carry on….

    Pelden Drukpa Gyalo

  9. OL has been patiently reasoning out his statement and still attempting to do that. This is good for the democracy. We need to discuss and come to the most suitable decision. MPs like TP on the other side are predetermined to oppose OL no matter what. they is yet to make one logical statement. Unashamed and tyrannous words of TP and his likes are not acceptable to neutral onlookers let alone to his Excellency OL. I can sense agitation among general public. I think it would be wise to allow public demonstration to avoid public violence at this time or in near future. Let’s refocus our tilted lens and understand the fundamental importance of public demonstration. Let’s analyze the reasons for opposing the government in power. I have nothing again the ruling party. It’s just that I am for true democracy and expect the people who hold public office be responsible and behave responsibly la.

  10. freewill says

    Just wanted to point out that some DPT fanatics are corrupting you poll results by voting 50 to 100 times by one person.
    I think your website should be set up in such a way only one person from one ip can vote once and disable proxies.

  11. the statue looks surprisingly small ….you can see the mesh thing that is the skeleton of the statue from the valley. Maybe its just becasue i didnt go up there to take a look, maybe up there its going to look HUGE. but its going to be visible from the entire valley, something of an icon, like the one of christ in RIo. Something nice to look forword to.

  12. Thanks for sharing this post. Spring Temple Buddha is very famous.The statue depicts Vairocana Buddha and is 128 meters high with a weight of over 1000 tonnes.Laykyun Setkyar second tallest statue in the world and the is 116 meters.Ushiku Daibutsu third tallest statue in the world.It depicts Amitabha Buddha and is plated with bronze.Guanyin Statue is a fourth highest statue in the world. statue has three sides, one facing the island and the other two face the South China Sea.Grand Buddha at Ling Shan is a very attractive place.

  13. emptiness with reason

  14. positive reason from anything possible or impossibel not for getting the deeds that lead to deeds,wants that lead to wants etc…………..and soon…………

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