Prophesy fulfilled

Eyes of compassion

Many years ago, while resting in Mesina, Je Geshe Gedun Rinchen, surveyed the horizons, and predicted that, one day, a monastery would be built on the high hill that stood before him.

Yesterday, that prophesy was fulfilled. In a sacred ceremony, His Holiness the Je Khenpo consecrated Bhutan’s newest monastery, the Sangchhen Dorji Lhendup Lhakhang. The monastery, built in traditional Bhutanese style, stands on the prophesized site, a prominent ridge overlooking almost all of Punakha, Wangduephodrang and Toebasa.

The monument was painstakingly built by Yab Ugyen Dorji over the last two years, and is a showpiece of traditional art and craft. The stone masonry is precise, the wood carvings are intricate, the murals are exquisite, and the gigantic bronze statue of Chenrigzig Chagtong Chentong – crafted completely in Bhutan – is simply awesome.

The monastery also demonstrates that our spiritual heritage continues to flourish – it was presented to His Majesty the King and the people of Bhutan, and has already become a seat for higher education and meditation for nuns.

Sangchhen Dorji Lhendup Lhakhang and its accompanying stupa now occupy the high ridge that once returned Je Geshe Gedun’s benign gaze. There’s no doubt that the perspicacious Geshe could already see that the countless travelers passing through Mesina would admire the monastery – featured in our banner – and offer quiet prayers for all sentient beings.


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  1. May those that spend their money,time and effort for the cause of the Dharma earn merit and that too be passed on to the less fortunate. May Chenrizig have compassion on all and remove the ignorance that binds us in samsara. May we one day find that which cannot be said in words but felt – the eternal bliss. Thank you, Your Majesty and Yab.

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