Droelma Jig Chompa

The Central Monk Body offered three days of continuous prayers throughout the country for the people of Japan. Yesterday, the officiating prime minister, speaker, chairperson, cabinet ministers, MPs, civil servants, and other well wishers joined Japan’s new ambassador to Bhutan, the resident coordinator of JICA, and Japanese experts and volunteers at the Kuenrey in Tashichhoe Dzong to participate in the concluding day of the prayers.

Lopen Gembo explained the prayers and delivered the following statement on behalf of the Dratshang:

May I take this opportunity to welcome all to Tashichhoe Dzong to take part in this very special ceremony of propitiation and chanting of the Mantra of Drolma Jigchobma – the Wisdom Mother Tara, the great protector. For kind information, the ceremony was initiated by the Royal Government and started on 18th March and is performed in all Monk Bodies and institutions in all 20 districts. Please allow me to give a brief description of the service.

In our Bhutanese belief, Tara is regarded as a Buddha of compassion and action. She is the female aspect of Avalokitesvara (Chenrezig) and in some origin stories she comes from his tears and became the most compassionate Tara, emanation of the activities of all Buddhas.

In terms of grace and achievement, all Buddhas are same. But due to their aspirations and prayers made during their path to enlightenment, they differ in their powers of blessings. Arya Tara generated Bodhichitta and took the vow to benefit all sentient beings and safeguard them from all unseen threats in presence of Buddha Amogasidhi. Since then, Arya Tara tok successive incarnations. She continuously performed enlightened activity for the benefit of sentient beings. She emanated into twenty-one forms of Tara, and through these emanations dispelled various sufferings of countless sentient beings.

In the absolute state of enlightenment or Buddhahood, everyone is one and equal. However, we are relative beings living in a relative condition. Therefore, we sometimes need different things at different times, different remedies for different causes. Because of this, apart from the 21 Tara, she had manifested in innumerable different forms to help our relative problems.

Not only is supplicating Arya Tara beneficial for clearing away the four major obstacles of anger, pride, attachment and ignorance embodied as fire, poisonous substances, ocean and demons. It also heps to clear away all hindrances and disasters caused by the four elements. Therefore, Arya Tara is referred to as the undisputed protector from the eight great fears. Using the power of Tara’s mantra, visualization, creation of the Mandala and generation of immense positive energies, we hope to divert all negative energies and various unseen hindrances. Thus we presume this religious ceremony will restore peace and harmony in the affected region.

The Monk Body of Bhutan humbly acknowledges the continuous assistance provided for decades by the people and government of Japan. We are very thankful for that and hope this small gesture and ritual service will uplift the spirits of Japanese people and create favorable conditions to overcome the disaster. At the same time, please accept our sincere prayers and condolence for those effected and lost lives. We do share your concerns and hopes and will continue praying for strengthening our good relations.

Thank you all once again for taking time to join us in this special ceremony.


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  1. Thanks, Hon`ble OL, we are also happy to note that govt is contributing USD one million as our gesture of gratitude and solidarity to the people of Japan, though we have we our own series of financial constraints, despite conducting several prayers all over the country. I would also like to believe that our private firms and individual are raising some funds too for the same purpose wherein i have already contributed some bucks with my prayers.

  2. Respected Lyonpo,
    Thank you very much for publishing Lopen Gembo’s moving explanation of Drolma Jigchobma. I have to admit that despite participating in several Bhutanese prayer ceremonies during my stay here, this is the first time I was able to fully understand the depth of a prayer.
    Following the earthquake, there has been several appeals about financial contribution to Japan. I have had a divided mind on the idea of sending money to Japan after reading articles from the Canadian paper The Globe and Mail (http://bit.ly/gkXp6E) and these links from Reuters – http://bit.ly/gqkDmN and http://reut.rs/fjjEC0
    Maldives donated around 84,000 cans of tuna to Japan. I found that a meaningful gesture. Fish is what Maldives has and fish is an important part of the Japanese diet. There are thousands on Japanese, living in shelters, who need that now.
    Bhutan has promised a financial assistance of USD 1mn. It is a significant gesture. But as a person who believes in the power of prayers, the gesture from the Dratshang is touching. Which country has its entire spiritual body praying for three continuous days?
    Thank you once again for publishing the meaning of Drolma Jigchobma here in English
    With respects

  3. Why is Lopen Gembo always on the spotlight? And why do we see every religious activities related to Kagyu announced very often in the media while very little is broadcast when it comes to activities carried out by the great Nyingma masters in Bhutan?
    Let’s not go wrong here. The consequences could harm ourselves and our country. Please.

  4. Great acknowledgement on the part of our government to one of our dearest nation and the people. Every Bhutanese feels so deeply the sorrow of loss of so many precious lives and property in Japan. Japan and Japanese are highly respected in Bhutan for their exemplary hard work,efficiency and genourisity.

    It is not showcased, but every bhutanese citizen in their hearts are praying for the lost lives and quick recovery of injured people as well as the loss that the nation has suffered.

    May Drolma Jig Chopma protect Japan from any further disasters!

  5. Neutral,
    Your nick is just contary to what u wrote here. I think you better spend some time in studying what actually buddhism is rather than blindly commenting on what the country does.
    Already we have enough politics going on in the country trying to seperate people. Of late some people have really been acting too populist inorder to gather political mileage.

    Think twice before you write on the Internet. If you knew bhuddhism well there is very serious consequences for every single action you undertake not just in this life but in many lifetimes to come.

  6. Prayer from Bhutan means a lot.
    My Tara help those who have been severely affected by earthquae, tsunami and nuclear leakage.

  7. @2neutral,
    What do you know about Buddhism? Let the truth be spoken for the goodness of all. It’s no use trying to hide from your shadow. You and I must die one day. For once, please stop being a hypocrite and let others spill out the truth. This is for the general well being of you, me and our small country called Bhutan.

  8. Neutral,
    I don’t know anything about buddhism but at least know how to appreciate when good events such as the one the OL has posted is conducted.
    You claim to be a buddhisht implicitly and your words are trying to instigate divisions in a small peaceful society.
    So keep your unfounded opinions to yourself rather than making it online.

  9. Ok my lord.

  10. @neutral..
    Bhutan is too small to divide on the grounds of sex,religion,creed, color etc. Bhutan is a secular country where every people has liberty to profess the faith he believes in. This is the not the problem because what is the real problem is what is happening in Japan-the land of rising sun. I m sure Japan will rise again as did in the past with “our” profound prayers.

  11. There will always be people who will incite divisiveness and use any opportunity to vent out their feelings, even whilst we are showing our solidarity with our Japanese friends. I agree with Harku, the people of Japan deserves our undivided attention in thought, prayers and even donations. And, let all people, whether they be spiritual masters or common farmers, do something.Especially, when good deed or deeds are to done,none will come in the way of the noble act.

  12. our love and new hope for the people of Japan.

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