Special prayers


The Zhung Dratshang, our central monastic body, concluded the “Druk-lo Doe-choed” prayers yesterday. The prayers are performed once every 12 years to usher in the year of the dragon, and to secure peace and prosperity for the people and all sentient beings.

The banner features some of the 300-or-so monks involved in the 5-day prayers at Punakha’s Puna Dewachen Phodrang.



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  1. Truth_is_Buddha says

    May peace prevail in Bhutan, and throughout the Universe. We also look forward to many ‘real GNH’ improvements in the lives of every Bhutanese, men, women & children. Hope our fledgling democracy evolves into something tangible, and brings to all Bhutanese the true sense of ‘Equality, Liberty and Fraternity’ and not just pseudo-essence of these pinciples. Good wishes to all for the Dragon year.

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