Not if, but when?

I’ve just returned from a UN dinner to say farewell to the outgoing UNDP Resident Representative.

In attendance were the prime minister, cabinet ministers, Speaker, Chairman of NC, secretaries to the government, constitutional post holders, heads of international agencies, and diplomats. As far as I could tell, this very distinguished group had assembled in a small room in the Hotel Riverview without any noticeable extra security arrangements.

The terror attacks in Mumbai reminded me that this is not a good idea.

Bunching our most important people together is risky. If we must, take the necessary precautions. Otherwise, sooner of later, we’ll be in trouble.


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  1. Karma Tenzin says

    Belated comment on your security concern at the UNDP gathering at River View hotel. Do you expect an element of threat to our so-called VIPs? If your answer is yes then you are the right person in the right place and also the right time to take up the issue with the government! The Clock Tower Square function, whenever there is one held, is the perfect venue to get hit! Can’t we now have a secure multi-utility indoor hall where functions can be organized?

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