Saluting the army

Today, on the 24th of April, we observe Armed Forces Raising Day. On this important day, we commemorate the establishment of our armed forces comprising of the Royal Bhutan Army, the Royal Bhutan Guards, and the Royal Bhutan Police. And, more importantly, we remember and celebrate their valuable services to the tsa-wa-sum.

I respectfully offer my gratitude and tashi delek to the Supreme Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces and the Militia, and to all officers and troops of the RBP, RBA and RBG.


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  1. Anonymous says

    My respect and appreciation for His Majesties the Kings of Bhutan for keeping our country safe, and to all our armed forces and the patriotic citizens of Bhutan including the Dratshang for all their unwavering services to the Tsa Wa Sum.

    It is the time for remembrance of our fallen ones, the true heroes of the Dragon Kingdom.

  2. Anonymous says

    my respect and salute to none of them

  3. A Salute to the men and women in uniform.

  4. I don’t know who was that hell who wrote:

    “my respect and salute to none of them”

    Tha Dhamtshi dhang Lay Juenday Maipi Mi. I feel ashamed to see such comments. I am really sorry.

  5. Anonymous says

    Anonymous – April 24, 2009 3:52 PM:

    So you are the one who shits on the very plate you are served meal.

    Ngo tsa nii chewa mindhu mo chey lu.

  6. how can one comment my respect& salute to none. remember it is the armed forces who helps us to sleep & livepeacfully. the service rendered by the forces should be recognised and I feel frustrated 2 know that people like you exisit in our dragon kingdom



    If you ask me what it means to be a soldier I will tell you that the most important is how you think. To be a true soldier one must live according to the following principles:
    “I will live a life of honesty and integrity
    Courage, loyalty and strength shall be my true weapons
    I shall defend with my body – even my life – the security and sovereignty of my country and people
    My one and only duty – my sacred duty – is to serve the Tsawasum
    I am a soldier of the Pelden Drukpa.” – HIS MAJESTY THE KING.

    It was a pleasant Friday morning, as the colorful flags and other ornamental banners gently fluttered to the mild tone of the passive morning breeze, men, women and children dressed in their fine attire rushed through the main gate into the parade ground of the MTC (military training center) at Tencholing. Thousands gathered at the parade ground in the shortest span of time impatiently anticipating the events which would soon follow after the arrival of the dignitaries and the Chief Guest. It was the 29th day of the 3rd Bhutanese month as we celebrated the historical Army Raising Day.
    The Gate No 1 was superfluously decorated and a long line of monks and the Dzongkhag officials lined up in preparation of the Chipdrel procession on arrival of the Supreme Commander of the Royal Armed Forces, His Majesty the King. As the spectators settled down a well synchronized fanfare sounded form the bugles announcing the grand entry of the marching contingents of the three armed forces into the parade ground. Officers and men from the three services, The Army, The Guards and the Police in immaculate turn out proudly marched in perfect coordination with the melodious Military band and formed up across the parade ground. A very archetypical event which reminded me so much of my passing out parade back in the academy when I was a gentleman cadet. The spectators watched in approbation as the officers and men of the contingents made brisk synchronized movements on the command of the parade commander.
    By now the dignitaries and others guests were already seated in the pavilion and it was now time for His Majesty to grace the occasion by His presence. The fanfare sounded again and along with it the Chipdrel slowly progressed into the parade signifying the arrival of His Majesty. To everybody’s admiration His Majesty had graciously worn a green beret, a yellow Namza Nerey and a blue Namza Gho which I personally, in all probability assumed as signifying the Dha Kha Sum. His Late Majesty the third King graciously wore a green Beret with the RBA insignia on the Namza and His Majesty the fourth King (who was a Crown Prince then) wore the maroon beret with the insignia of the RBG in a similar occasion of the army raising day way back in the early 60s but of course none of the contemporary generation would not have witnessed save for some senior citizens. Escorted by the three chiefs and the flag officers, His Majesty cordially walked towards the saluting dais and almost immediately the parade commander brought the contingents into attention.
    His Majesty gracefully saluted back from the saluting dais as the contingents elegantly presented arms and there after His Majesty was escorted into the parade ground for the inspection of the contingents. It was a very stirring moment for the royal armed forces. Soon after the inspection the contingents along with the colour party marched in perfect coordination with each contingent carrying out right salute as they passed by the dais where His Majesty stood honoring every passing contingent with a salute. The contingent made two rounds passing by the dais and after the second round of slow march by the dais the contingent came to an abrupt halt and again formed up in the initial position across the parade ground. Thereafter, His Majesty addressed the contingents and the spectators with an inspiring speech Commanding the noble contributions by the Armed Forces in not only protecting the sovereignty of our nation (particularly stressing the unavoidable 2003 operation against the anti national elements from cross the borders) but also the unfailing involvement of the armed forces during natural calamities. His Majesty also stressed about the roles and responsibilities of the armed forces and commanded that every Bhutanese soldier should serve the nation with utmost loyalty and dedication as they always have over the years.
    Various well rehearsed cultural programs by the troops and families followed after the royal speech and thereafter a grand Tokha was granted to the soldiers and the public. His Majesty tirelessly granted audience to each and every individuals present at the ground conversing with His subjects but most of all showing great concern for their wellbeing. After having met the all the spectators His Majesty returned back to the pavilion and not very long after that the Royal entourage despondently departed for Thimphu.
    The royal message was very clear that in times of need and natural calamities it is not only the armed forces that should be actively involved but it is also the concern and the rightful duty of every able citizens to contribute in their own little ways in upholding and securing the sovereignty of our nation. With the incessant guidance of His Majesty the armed forces will always continue to be committed in guarding our country from external aggression and internal disorders and in doing may the guarding deities of our nation the Glorious Yeshey Gembo and Penden Lham endow us with the courage which is born of what is noble and which knows no compromise or retreat when the sovereignty or our nation is in peril and ever help us to place such service above ourselves. Long Live His Majesty!

    “I am a warrior;
    Fighting is my Dhrama
    I will train my body, mind and spirit to fight
    Excel in all devices and weapons of war- present and future
    Always protect the weak
    Be truthful to bluntness
    Be humane, cultured and caring
    Fight and embrace the consequences.

    God! Give me strength that I ask nothing of you!”

  8. Yangka Chojay says

    I really respected them, when ever i see them coming

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