Prayers for our fighters

Still raging

Whenever we hear of forest fires, no matter where and no matter when, we hear of our armed forces fighting those fires. We’ve become used to seeing them arrive first on the scene, and leave last, only after containing the wild fires. Indeed, many of our forests have been saved thanks mainly to the bravery of our men in uniform.

And so it was this afternoon, when a fire broke out in the forests above YHS. Our armed forces mobilized themselves in no time, and rushed to contain the fire that, fanned by the early afternoon winds, was spreading quickly in the dense pine forests.

But tragedy struck. A truck, carrying more than 20 policemen, veered off the road as it tried to cut a corner in the narrow path leading to the forests. The truck’s brakes had failed. And it slowly plunged into the precipice below the road, all the way down to the YHS campus. The accident killed two policemen on the spot. And injured 17 others. The injured are recovering in the JDWNR hospital, but two of them are in critical condition.

The tragedy seems senseless, given that they were on their way to protect us and our forests. It also seems cruel – the policemen on the ill-fated truck were all very young men, mainly teenagers, who had only recently completed their training and had reported for duty just yesterday.

Like the rest of Thimphu, I’m mourning the loss of precious lives. My heart goes out to our police force, especially to the friends and relatives of the two policemen who died in the line of duty. Please offer your prayers for them. Please also offer prayers for the injured – may their recovery be quick and complete.



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  1. Pasang Dorji says

    It is very nice to read this. It shows how you really care about our people. Just one comment on this: when you become our next Prime Minister, please give nice and strong trucks for the fire fighters and uniformed men. It is shameful to hear that the police truck had a brake failure. I feel so sorry for those victims.

  2. It is really sad thing to hear! my prayers and wishes are with the family who lost their dear ones and who are injured.

  3. yes,it’s a tragedy such misfortune befalls those who are out to do good for the country & its people..such a loss to their folks, too..besides the established compensation, such loss should be doubly recognized, honorably as well as monetarily..perhaps hm’s kidu fund would be put to fair use in such events..

  4. I join the Hon’ble OL in offering the prayer for the police personnel who lost their life and those injured for their full recovery.May their soul rest in peace.

  5. Of course and naturally we all feel the sadness and perhaps our guilt! Guilt because we can’t even protect our forests in and around the capital! We’ve getting wake up calls too frequently and as soon as the fires were put off, we forgot about it all! This isn’t going to be the last but will the Forest Department come up with a comprehensive to prevent them at least here in Thimphu? Wake up guys! It’s crying shame to see fire very 2nd. day round the year!

  6. Kelpazangla says

    This indeed is a tragedy…we all join you in praying for the departed souls as well as the injured ones.

    Somehow it is quite surprising to see forest fires despite DoFPS’s repeated awareness programmes. This time it is more than a forest fire…so so sad. We seriously need to look into thsi matter!

  7. My condolences and prayers to the two deceased Fighters! May their Soul Rest in Peace _/\_

  8. Domchosertong says

    My pray and condolences for the two peljab Lopen who pass away, May their soul rest in peace for they died for the good cuase.
    Its high time indicating that our armed forces vehicle condition should be improved not only for those high level officer.Its the common soilders who are in the front line battle. Finally, the Thimphu City officials should join in hand with fighting forest fire, because its from ciy jurisdiction that most( almost 99%)of the fire begin. I never saw any of the Thimphu Thromde official battleing forest fire with armed forces….

  9. I heard u were the first one to visit the site. Truly appreciated, it shud ve been the ministers actually.

  10. I am in a place where there where there is no
    Tv.. Just wondering if the cop Chief, Home minister or the PM came on TV and explained the PPL about the tragedy… They should do so.. Like PM often says papers do not feed the right information so he should do so and all three of them should apologize

  11. i heard that the DCM truck the police was surrendered (due to being very old) by some agencies and it was used by the police ….

    this things should be checked …

  12. sorry for the mess above…

    I heard that the DCM truck the police was using that day was surrendered by some agencies due to the vehicle being very old and for safety reasons … BUT why was the police using it

    this things should be checked … the media should find out about it rather then reporting what other has to say… should do their study

  13. gachibewmo says

    It was a combination of several factors that led to this tragedy. The truck was probably not worthy and the load (23 persons) may have been too heavy. But one of the main factors was the condition of the road – very narrow and steep. The RSTA and RBP must have a means of certifying the suitablility of roads for vehicular traffic. Otherwise, we will have many more such tragedies. Look at the road to Jambayang Resort – it is dangerous and unsafe too. Please do something!!!

  14. Someonw in RBP must take the morale responsibility for the death of the two heroes. How on earth can the authority allow such vehicle if it is not road worthy?

    Two heroes are fighting for their lives in ICU.

  15. As mentioned by someone, why policemen are on the job for battling the forest fire. This is not their main job and as a matter of fact it the responsibility of forest department, i mean the forest guard to fight against forest fire.

    When it comes to forest fire, I should say the Department of Forest has failed totally. Frequently, we heard in news acres of forest being destroyed in Bhutan. No matter, what policy, rules and regulations are in placed the forest fire is still happening and Department of Forest has failed to implement those policies.

    My prayer and sincere condolences to two Lopen and may their soul rest in peace.

  16. This is simply the collective failure of the govt. as in many cases and ultimately it’s the lower rung of the people that land up dead!

  17. Are the people who set the forest on fire caught? What kind of ‘semso’ are in place for the family of the deceased?

  18. Too bad. at first place do this car owned a fitness certificate and if so on what basis RSTA have issued road worthiness certificate to this old surrendered about if now on TRAFFIC Police inspect the condition of vehicles like fire brigades and other emergency cars sometimes to avoid this incidence apart from regular duty of checking the vehicle documents on highways.

  19. Honurable OL takes care of people, I believe. armed Forces personnel made to prepare to react to disaster first in point of time. They are made to do rescue and restoration works. But all training, workshops and seminars are attended by the people from Dept of Disaster Management and they impart theories to others as an disaster expert. It would be a wonder if they are seen at the scene of disaster even as a spectator. No equipment is supplied to the first responders and rescuers and instead the equipment are issued to irrelevant people.

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