Good shot!

Ghandians, Dudly Bros, Usuals, Jachung, Jaguars, Local Z, Pvt Schools and Blue Formers – these are jazzy names of the 3-on-3 basketball teams that will play their quarterfinal matches today.

The matches, which will begin at 5:00 PM, will be played on the rather attractive make-shift half-court that has been constructed bang in the middle of the clock tower square. The semifinals will be held tomorrow. And the finals on Wednesday.

The Bhutan Basketball Federation, which organized the tournament, is keeping a close eye on all the games – they’ll be recruiting a national team from the participants.

Two related notes:

One: have you noticed that the clock tower square is being put to very good use? On most weekends there’s something taking place there. And sometimes – like the basketball tournament that’s going on now, and the recent Tarayana Fair – the square is occupied throughout the week. Very good.

Two: have you noticed that there’s been a sudden and significant improvement in sports after HRH Prince Jigyel took over the Bhutan Olympic Committee? Very, very good!


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