Airport security

Screaming for attention

Screaming for attention

About six weeks ago, I rejoiced that a leading international travel magazine had rated our only international airport the world’s second best airport to fly into. The landscape, approach, fresh air, architecture, service, all would have contributed to the distinction of Paro International Airport.

There is one eyesore though. And, that’s the security fencing around the airport. Razor wire coils fixed on barbed wire fence, several meters high, surround the entire airport. The fence looks ugly. It disfigures the airport’s otherwise peaceful setting. And, it is reminiscent of concentration camps.

But the offensive fence may be necessary, for security purposes.

So today, when I saw that a part of the fence that was damaged during the May 26th floods had still not been repaired, I was simply astonished. If the fence serves an important security purpose, it should be well maintained, and the damaged part, measuring about 50 meters, repaired immediately.

It’s been almost seven months since flash floods breached the security fence. Repair it – now! – before a serious security breach.