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Run Rinzin Run

Run Rinzin Run

Every year, countless professional and amateur runners from all over the world dream of taking part in the New York City Marathon. However, only 37,000 runners are selected to run in New York’s world famous marathon. Rinzin Rinzin, who hails from Pam in Trashigang, is one of them.

Rinzin ran at school. And participated at school-level marathons. But he never won any prizes. He kept running though, and as a guide at Amankora, he sometimes accompanied his guests for short runs.

One of them, Mr Ynaar, and he quickly became running buddies. They jogged together almost every morning and every evening, and the end of his second visit to Bhutan, he unexpectedly announced that Rinzin would quality for the NYC Marathon. And that he would sponsor him.

Rinzin is already in New York, training for the big day. He has a coach. And he cycles, swims and jogs everyday in preparation for the marathon.

On November 1 this year, Rinzin Rinzin, registration number 350397, will become the first Bhutanese to officially run the world famous 42.195 kilometer New York City Marathon.

He’s already decided that he won’t win any prizes. But that participating is what’s important. And that he will try his very best. He looks forward “…to carry my country’s beautiful flag in the USA” and dedicates his run to the coronation of His Majesty the Fifth Druk Gyalpo, the introduction of democracy and the tsa-wa-sum.