25 additional colonels make our armed forces that much more stronger. His Majesty the King, who is the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, granted promotions to the accomplished officers this morning.

I thank the officers for their outstanding services to the tsa-wa-sum, and wish them and their families a very hearty Tashi Delek!

Royal Body Guards

Thank you

The Royal Body Guards are celebrating their golden jubilee today. The banner, featuring RBG’s famous “Gho Company”, congratulates and thanks the commandant, officers and all ranks of the RBG, past and present, for fifty years of dedicated service to the tsa-wa-sum.

RBG’s announcement on this important day follows:

Royal Body Guards was raised on 27th December 1960 to undertake the security responsibilities of His Majesty the Third King. It then just consisted of one Company of 120 men including officers under the Command of 2nd Lt. Tshering Nidup who was later promoted to the rank of Colonel and had the Distinction of being the first Commandant of Royal Body Guards.

Since then RBG grew in numbers and relevance to take up very important assignments in the service of Tsa-Wa-Sum. Today RBG is being commanded by Major General Dhendup Tshering DW, DT under whose leadership RBG promises to make steady progress.

On this auspicious occasion of our 50 years service; officers, men and civilian employees of RBG offer our solemn pledge to serve with loyalty and dedication.