MPAB delivers

Super stars

I’m back in Thimphu having completed my medical treatment (I’m fully better now), and after visiting Bumthang where, thanks to His Majesty’s People’s Project, the victims of the recent fire disaster in Chamkhar town and the town itself are already well on they way to a full recovery.

The banner features MPAB artists entertaining RBA soldiers involved in the reconstruction of Chamkhar. The artists also performed for the residents of Chamkhar. And, a day after arriving in Thimphu, they organized a fund raising event at the Clock Tower Square.

Kilu music

The banner features Kilu students singing Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World” during Radio Valley’s second food festival at Thimphu’s clock tower square yesterday.

Successful SAARC

The Sixteenth SAARC summit is over. And, by all accounts, the event was a grand success. So compliments are in order.

I offer my congratulations to the prime minister, the officiating foreign minister and the government; civil servants (all of them, but especially those in the foreign ministry); RBP, RBA and RBG; the Thimphu City Corporation; teachers and students; volunteers; and the clergy. Special thanks are due to the Government of India for their generous support.

The banner, showcasing the eight SAARC leaders, was sent in by Lhendup Dorji, an official photographer with Business Bhutan. The gallery has a few more of his photographs of the SAARC summit.

Hidden beauty

haa mountains from chelelaYesterday, on my way back from Haa, I stopped at Chelela (altitude about 3,900 meters) to see the sun set over our western mountain ranges. These mountains above the Haa valley offer some of the best, yet least known, treks in our country. They include a trek to the legendary lake Nub Tshonapatra, which I hope to revisit and write about in 2010.

UPDATE: Lampenda Chuup’s comment reminds me of the beauty that can be seen in and from those mountains. So I’ve changed the title from “Hidden treks” to the more appropriate “Hidden beauty”.