Crazy bear?


A bear recently wrecked havoc in the meditation centre in Tango. Thankfully, it did not attack any of the monks.

But others have not been as lucky. Earlier this month, a bear mauled and killed a man in Dawakha. A little upstream, in Jabana, a farmer managed a narrow escape after stabbing a bear two times. Further upstream, in Shari (Haa), a man was severely mauled by a bear. And on the other side of the Wangchu, in Chapcha, another man was seriously mauled by a bear.

Be careful when you venture into the forests. Never go alone. And always try to alert and scare away any bears in the vicinity.

Bears forage at this time of the year. Many of them do so with their cubs So they are naturally nervous. And they will attack if they are startled.

But the recent spate of bear attacks may not be normal. A single bear could easily cover Shari, Jabana, Dawakha, Chapcha and Tango in a couple of days. So could it be that the same bear visited all these places? Could it be a rabid animal? Could it be the bear that the brave farmer in Jabana stabbed?

Regardless, it would be advisable for the concerned authorities to look into the matter immediately … before more lives are endangered.