Mind your language

Foul fowl

“Spelling bee” generated a lot of discussion. Almost all of it was good. The debate was lively. And most of the arguments were presented convincingly.

But a couple of commentators got carried away. They started swearing, in English and in Dzongkha. This is unfortunate. And unnecessary. You don’t need to curse to drive home your point. So please, no swearing. No unnecessary expletives.

Henceforth, I will exercise my option to censor comments that are abusive.

Running comments

I like receiving your comments. They show that you are concerned about the issues raised here. And that you are prepared to discuss them. Naturally, I enjoy comments that agree with and support my views. Please keep them coming! But I find critical comments – even those that are not obviously constructive – useful too. I read them carefully. And reread them.

I don’t like editing your comments. And, except for the one time I erased an obscenity, I have not edited any. I don’t reject comments.

But I’m closing one on-going discussion. I’m forced do so.

“Bhutanese runner” has attracted a lot of attention. That is good. That is the idea. But it has become painful to follow the discussions, which, increasingly, have been dominated by personal attacks. And that is not good for all of us.

So, with a heavy heart, I will not allow any more comments on “Bhutanese runner”. I hope you will agree – Rinzin, after all, is not a public figure.