Comment on comments

I don’t want to moderate your comments. Your views, as far as I’m concerned, are as important as anybody else’s, including mine. That’s why I have chosen not to remove – or reply to – any of the comments attacking me.

But, I cannot, and will not, allow personal attacks on any other person. These I will remove immediately (I’ve already removed a couple of comments on the PM). Also, every reference to His Majesty the King will be monitored – “…His person is sacrosanct” (Article 2.15 of our Constitution).

That said, I’m not a journalist. So I will ask BICMA for a quick lesson on defamation, libel and slander.

Meanwhile, keep your comments coming.

Why I’ve decided to Blog

I’ve started this weblog to:

  1. interact with people more effectively
  2. encourage open debate on public issues
  3. share my ideas with the public
  4. accept public criticism for my ideas and actions
  5. encourage our youth to be more politically aware
  6. start a blog before my children do so