Pound foolish, penny wise

But not literally

Being too cautious with small amounts of money now, could cost you a lot of money later. All of us are familiar with this universal truth. In fact, there’s a well known idiom for it: penny wise, pound foolish.

But what about the opposite? What if you spend a lot of money  now, and end up having to count every penny later? That would be foolish, plain and simple. No idiom is needed, and none exists, to describe such fools.

The government spend more than US$ 10 million to hire McKinsey. That works out to about Nu 500 million.

The government spent more than Nu 500,00 million and, last week, they announced, with pride, that, in 2011, they realized a savings of Nu 370,110 from cement rebates.

I don’t know whether to laugh … or to cry.