A role model

Civic sense. Do we have it?

Sangay Dorji is one person who does have good sense of civic responsibility. I chanced upon him fixing potholes on the road to Dechhenchholing. He collected soft rock, gravel and mud from a nearby landslide to fill the larger potholes. And within minutes, even before he was finished, vehicles started plying on the repaired side of the road.

Sangay Dorji, who lives in Dechhenchholing, drives a taxi on the weekends. He decided that he didn’t need to keep driving on a certain rough patch when he spotted a small landslide above the road. He’s already filled the potholes with mud and gravel several times. Similarly he keeps fixing the uneven – and dangerous – offset at one end of the Dechhenchholing bridge.

Here’s Sangay Dorji – a role model – in action.