Yangthang’s new bridge

Together we can!

Together we can!

The recent flash floods hit Haa quite hard. A house was washed away, several houses were submerged, bridges were swept away, and many farmers have lost their entire crop. And we know very little about the extent of damage in Sombaykha and Gakiling simply because no one from these gewogs has made it to the dzongkhag headquarters.

But among all this disaster, I witnessed a comforting story. The village of Yangthang (52 households) had been cut off from the rest of Haa as, during the flash floods, the river had breached its banks and created a new course between the village and the highway. So today, the villagers got together and decided to something about it: they decided to build a temporary bridge. But almost all of them were on their side of the river, so no matter how hard they worked, they would need help from the other side to complete their bridge.

And who showed up to help? Civil servants. When the dzongkhag staff heard about the efforts of the farmers, they, led by the new Dasho Dzongdag, quickly made their way to Yangthang, and took up their position on the bank opposite the stranded villagers.

With farmers working on one side of the river and civil servants on the other, it didn’t take long for the river to be bridged. And, the village of Yangthang to be effectively connected to the rest of Haa.