Foreign trips

Returning home

The prime minister, in his State of the Nation address, reporting to the Parliament on foreign relations:

My trips to India, Japan and Italy this year were also very useful in deepening our relations with these countries.

I agree. But, the prime minister understated his international travel account. The following, in fact, is a record of his trips outside Bhutan during the 2009-2010 fiscal year:

  1. July 2009: Goodwill trip to India
  2. August 2009: Fukuoka, Japan to deliver address on GNH
  3. November 2009: Itaipu, Brazil to deliver address on GNH
  4. February 2010: Delhi, India to attend Sustainable Development Summit
  5. February 2010: Mumbai, India to attend World HRD Congress
  6. April 2010: Kathmandu, Nepal to attend 13th day ritual of the Late G.P Koirala
  7. April 2010: Kochi City, Japan to deliver address on GNH
  8. June 2010: Trento, Italy to deliver a talk on GNH at the Festival of Economics

Photo credit: BBS