Chhimi visits PM’s visits

Chhimi Dorji gets upset every time our prime minister travels abroad. It’s not that he’s against the head of the government visiting other countries. What bothers him is the number of people who see off and receive our PM. This photograph in Kuensel prompted Chhimi to send me this article.

Important musing

Who's there?


When I invited guests to contribute articles, I forgot to mention that the welcome does not extend to anonymous writers. The reason is straightforward: readers will take what you say seriously only if they know who is saying it. Plus there’s the matter of respecting our readers, people whose attention we seek. And then there’s accountability.

But before I could announce this rule, one Anonymuse, an anonymous person, sent me an article. So I’m going to publish what Anyonmuse has to say. The person has, after all, spent considerable time thinking and writing about an important issue.