Chhimi visits PM’s visits

Chhimi Dorji gets upset every time our prime minister travels abroad. It’s not that he’s against the head of the government visiting other countries. What bothers him is the number of people who see off and receive our PM. This photograph in Kuensel prompted Chhimi to send me this article.




Several people have suggested that I invite writers to contribute articles for this site. I’ve debated this suggestion. On the one hand, featuring guests could risk inadvertently transforming a unique web log into a common social site. But on the other hand, guests would bring a wealth of new ideas and perspectives to “life and politics in democratic Bhutan”. And they would most probably contribute articles that make much better reading than what I offer.

So, I’ve decided to welcome guest writers. I will not invite any one in particular. But, I will welcome every one of you who are willing to share your hopes and dreams, and your fears and concerns with our readers. If you would like to feature your ideas and opinions here, please email them to

We begin today. Our first guest is Tashi P. Wangdi, the proprietor and CEO of K4 Media. Please click the “Guest” tab or go here to welcome Tosh.

UPDATE: Tosh called me today to point out a mistake. Apparently, their company, K4 Media, does not have a CEO. In fact, they do not have any positions or titles that are hierarchical. All their workers are considered equal and function in teams. Tosh, himself a member in the Creations Division, claims that “K4 Media is an experiment in corporate utopia.”

I stand corrected … very gladly.