Policing the legislature

Jurmi Chhowing asked me to post his article “What exactly is The RBP’s Status?” on this blog. It appears that Bhutan Observer inadvertently ran an unedited version of the story. And, more importantly, that they wrongly credidted the article to Thuji Nadik.

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He bites too

He bites too

The Bhutanse blogging community is growing faster than most of us realize. The latest blogger I stumbled upon is Jurmi Chhowing, now with K4 Media, previously with Bhutan Observer and before that Bhutan Times. In his blog, IAMDRUKPA, Jurmi seems to offer his random thoughts on a range of topics from life to love, and from politics to the Purple Lounge. His latest entry, I Wanna Watch my Parliamentarian, is about the importance live TV coverage of the National Assembly deliberations.